Hanjin Sunday Night Update

We are pleased to report some progress in the operations of Hanjin Shipping over the weekend.
Since our last update we note the Hanjin Marine has docked in Seattle and the Hanjin Miami has finished operations in New York and is now working in Wilmington North Carolina. In Mexico the Hanjin Croatia has departed Manzanillo. A full update is noted here .

For ships headed to the East Coast the Hanjin Switzerland has now passed through the Suez Canal on Sunday and is currently transiting the Mediterranean Sea.

We have also noted that the Hanjin Montevideo has departed LA. The Montevideo had been arrested but has now been cleared to move. Hopefully this is a good sign for the Hanjin Baltimore which remains under arrest in Balboa Panama’s anchorage.
We will update members as we learn more.

Best regards
Gemini Shippers Group