Hanjin Boston Moves to LA for Cargo Operations Tuesday AM

After the departure of the Hanjin Greece from TTI terminals in Long Beach it appears the Hanjin Boston is now preparing for Cargo Operations.Based on reports issued by the LA Port Pilots and on data received from the PMA Dispatch summaries the Hanjin Boston will begin its transit from the LA Anchorage to Yusen Terminal to begin work this morning.
At this time the ship has pick up its pilot from the pilot boat Banning and is proceeding to Yusen Terminal for operations. Based on information from the PMA Dispatch Summary, the ships has been dispatched to have 5 Gangs commence cargo operations.
The Hanjin Boston is a 7,500 TEU ship operating in the Hanjin’s PSG Service.

hanjin b

Yusen Terminal is located at:

Port of Los Angeles, Berths 212 – 223
701 New Dock St., Terminal Island, CA 90731

To contact Customer Service Import for any Import related questions Day or Night:
Email: ytilainbound@yti.com
8275 (Nights)
8262 (Nights)

Customer Service Managers
Tammy Duncan tduncan@yti.com (310)548-8240
Susan Winn swinn@yti.com (310)548-8249

Other Hanjin Ships currently in the southern California Area include:
Hanjin Greece – Departed LA headed to Oakland
Hanjin Gdynia – Off LA
Hanjin Jungil – Off LA
Hanjin Montevideo – Anchored LA Harbor under arrest
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We will continue to update members as we learn more.

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