GSCW chat recap: Collaboration enhances supply chain visibility

This fireside chat recap is from Day 3 of FreightWaves’ Global Supply Chain Week. Day 3 focuses on food/perishables and consumer packaged goods.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Is collaboration necessary for supply chain visibility?

DETAILS: The COVID-19 pandemic may have provided the much-needed impetus for retailers, executives and brokers to engage in more collaboration and ensure products get to end consumers efficiently. The many benefits that come from collaborating through technological platforms should encourage stakeholders to keep those tools in place even after the pandemic ends. 

SPEAKER: Glenn Koepke, senior vice president of customer success for FourKites

BIO: Koepke is an expert in aligning solutions with customer supply chain strategies. At FourKites, Koepke leads the company’s network enablement strategy, which is focused on scaling its solution to capture end-to-end supply chain visibility. Prior to FourKites, Koepke served in a variety of roles within the logistics services industry and worked extensively in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. 


“What we see today in terms of collaboration: It’s really automating a lot of the redundant workload and a lot of the tactical noise and shifting the strategic growth for companies in a platform type of way to help accelerate relationships forward.”

“The challenge for FourKites and others is: How can I take all this data and simplify it for the end user where the adoption curve is so minimal?”

“One of the course corrections we’ll see post-COVID is what is the right balance? Do you plan for a pandemic? Do you plan for standard disruptions? What’s going to really go on? I do know many of the supply chains are focusing on what’s the impact of supply and demand and what are the key metrics that we’re going to put in place in the post-COVID era.”

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