Grocery store supply chain shocked (with video)

On today’s episode, Dooner and special guest co-host Michael Vincent are talking about the very visible impact the coronavirus is having on our nation’s supply chain. As life as we know it changes in the USA, consumers are seeing bare grocery store shelves, tanking oil rates, escalating spot rates, and event cancellations. 

We’re joined by Daniel “Mr. Supply Chain” Stanton who will talk about the bullwhip effect that consumer buying has caused and the strain its causing on logistics operations. 

Great Quarter, Guy’s Andrew Cox updates us on the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index which has seen its biggest jump since its inception. But was it up or down?

Freightonomics’ Zach Strickland takes us through the spot market’s recent volatility and how long elevated rates will last.

Supply Chain Now’s Scott Luton dials in to talk about the changing tone among supply chain professionals.

Plus, Good News Bad News about diesel, trucking stocks, Uber, trolls, and US stocks.

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