Governmental Notices for September 15 through 21, 2018

In addition to pointing out that, although the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill overrides the “regular” tariff provisions, providing a temporary lower or free rate of duty, it does NOT override application of the Section 301 tariffs, the following governmental notices may be of interest to our members and the trade:

APHIS’ Comment Request regarding Importation of Fresh Peppers From Peru Into Continental United States and Territories;

CBP’s Rule concerning the Extension of Import Restrictions Imposed on Archaeological Material from Cambodia, Notices of: the Discontinuation of Customs Broker Importer Self-Assessment Pre-Certification Test; Accreditation and Approval of a Gauger and Laboratory; and a Comment Request concerning Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Admission and/or Status Designation, and Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Activity Permit; the current Bulletin providing an additional Accreditation and Approval of a Gauger and Laboratory, Notice of Issuance of Final Determination Concerning the Visionary Advanced 2 Dietary Supplement Tablets and Three Ruling Revocations, as well as the latest ABI messages, which includes CSMS 18-000554 Update: Section 301 Trade Remedies Assessed on China; 3rd List of Products Subject to 301 and CSMS 18-000548 with the  Harmonized System Update (1814) created on September 17, 2018; 

CPSC and FDA Recalls and Consumer Updates;

OFAC’s Notices Blocking of Persons and Properties;

FTZ Board current notices;

ITA & ITC Notices of the Administrative Review Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Investigations, Orders or Reviews, as well as updates on Determinations, Investigations and Complaints on merchandise such as Certain Hardwood Plywood Products from the People’s Republic of China and Certain Uncoated Groundwood Paper From Canada;

USTR’s Official Notice of the imposition of additional 10 percent ad valorem duties on products of China classified in the subheadings of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States set out in Annex A of the notice effective September 24, 2018 [List 3] and Notice of Procedures to Consider Requests for Exclusion of Particular Products from the Additional Action Pursuant to Section 301 [List 2];

California’s latest 60 Day Notices on items such as, but not limited to, certain Jewelry, Bauble Charms and Bottle Topper Sets and travel sets; and,

Canada’s latest Consumer Alert & Recall notices.     

Members wishing to learn more about any of these items are encouraged to review details on the Gemini Member Site, or to contact the Gemini team.