Governmental Notices for June 24 through June 30, 2017


In addition to the USTR’s that the GSP Review Results In Eligibility for Travel Goods, the following governmental notices may be of interest to our members and the trade, including links to: 

CBP’s Rule concerning the Modernization of the Customs Brokers Examination, Notices regarding the

Automated Commercial Environments: Sole CBP-Authorized Electronic Data Interchange System for Processing Electronic Drawback & Duty Deferral Entry & Entry Summary Filings and National Customs Automation Program Tests: Reconciliation, Post-Summary Corrections & Periodic Monthly Statements, current Bulletin providing Notice of the New Date for the October 2017 Customs Broker’s License Examination, as well as ABI messages, advising of the Postponement of the July 8 ACE Deployment;

CPSC and FDA Recalls and Consumer Updates;

OFAC’s Notice of the Blocking and Unblocking of Persons and Properties;

FTC’s Rule regarding Energy Labeling and various Notices including the Rules and Regulations Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, which proposes to amend the Textile Rules to delete the requirement that an owner of a registered word trademark furnish the FTC with a copy of the mark’s registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office before using the mark on labels and to no longer restrict the use of such trademarks to only those also employed as house marks;

FTZ Board current notice;

ITA and ITC Notices of the Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Investigations, Orders or Reviews, as well as updates on Determinations, Investigations and Complaints on merchandise such as Finished Carbon Steel Flanges from India              and Certain Hardwood Plywood Products from the People’s Republic of China;

USTR’s Notice of Request for Comments regarding the Administration’s Reviews and Report to the President on Trade Agreement Violations and Abuses;

California’s latest 60 Day Notices on items such as, but not limited to, a certain Hanging Cosmetic Bag and Make -up Jewellry boxes with Polymer Handle; and,

Canada’s latest Antidumping and Consumer Alert & Recall notices.

Members wishing to learn more about any of these items are encouraged to review details on the Gemini Member Site, or to contact the Gemini team.