Governmental Notices for December 2 through 8, 2017

The Association would like to point out that (1) CBP has delayed making ACE the sole EDI system until January 6, 2018; (2) CBP has published a Rule regarding Civil Monetary Penalty Adjustments for Inflation, which provides for penalty that will be applicable for penalties assessed after today, December 8, 2017, for associated violations that occurred after November 2, 2015; and, (3) the CPSC has published a Final Rule concerning the Safety Standard Mandating ASTM F963 for Toys, which will become effective on February 28, 2018, unless the CPSC receives significant adverse comment by January 3, 2018

In addition, the following governmental notices may be of interest to our members and the trade, including links to:

APHIS’ Notices of Comment Requests addressing the Importation of Baby Squash and Baby Courgettes from Zambia and of the Prohibition on Importation of Farm Equipment as it relates to Foot-And-Mouth Disease;

 CPSC’S Final Rule concerning the Safety Standard Mandating ASTM F963 for Toys;

 CBP’s Notices advising of the Delay of Transition of the Generating, Transmitting and Updating of Daily and Monthly Statements from the Automated Commercial System to the Automated Commercial Environment, of a Mobile Collections and Receipt Pilot under Revenue Modernization and the Accreditation and Approval of a Commercial Gauger and Laboratory, latest Bulletin Notice of the Issuance of Final Determination Concerning Roasted Coffee, as well as, the latest ABI messages;

 CPSC and FDA Recalls and Consumer Updates;

 FTC’s Rule regarding Enforcement Policy Statement Regarding the Applicability of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule to the Collection and Use of Voice Recordings;

 OFAC’s Notices of the Blocking of Persons and Properties;

 FTZ Board current notices;

 ITA and ITC’s monthly announcements of Initiations of, and the Opportunity to Request, Administrative Reviews, in addition to Notices of the Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Investigations, Orders or Reviews, as well as updates on Determinations, Investigations and Complaints on merchandise such as Carbazole Violet Pigment 23 from India and Multilayered Wood Flooring from the People’s Republic of China;

 California’s latest 60 Day Notices on items such as, but not limited to, Charcoal Grills, Charcoal Starters and Wood and Wood Pellet Grills and Smokers; and,

Canada’s latest Consumer Alert & Recall notices.                                             

 Members wishing to learn more about any of these items are encouraged to review details on the Gemini Member Site, or to contact the Gemini team.