Governmental Notices August 27th – September 2nd, 2016

  The following updates and governmental notices may be of interest to our members and the trade.  Among the items in this issue are CBP’s “ACE Protest Frequently Asked Questions” and links to:

 APHIS’ Rule addressing Packaging and Labeling   of Viruses, Serums, Toxins, and Analogous Products and Proposed Rule regarding the Importation of Fresh Persimmon with Calyxes from Japan into the United States;

CPSC’s Proposed Rule concerning the Statements of Interpretation and Enforcement Policy: Labeling of Household Products Containing Methylene Chloride;

CBP’s Proposed Rule regarding the Toxic Substance Control Act Chemical Substance Import Certification Process Revisions and Notices of a Commercial Gauger Accreditation and Approval, the Automated Commercial Environments: Sole CBP-Authorized Electronic Data Interchange System for Processing Electronic Drawback and Duty Deferral Entry and Entry Summary Filings and a Comment Request; the latest Bulletin providing notices regarding topics such as the  Importations of Certain Vehicles and Engines Subject to Federal Antipollution Emission Standards and the Quarterly IRS Interest Rates Used in Calculating Interest on Overdue Accounts and Refunds on Customs Duties, in addition to ABI messages;

CPSC and FDA Recalls and Consumer Updates;

FTZ Board current notices;

OFAC’s  Publication of the names of two individuals whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to OFAC’s list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons;

ITA and ITC Notices of the Initiation of Five-Year (Sunset) Reviews, Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Investigations, Orders, or Reviews, as well as updates on Investigations and Complaints, on items such as Amorphous Silica Fabric From the People’s Republic of China and upcoming Trade Missions;

California’s latest Proposition 65 60 Day Notices on items such as, but not limited to, vinyl bedding storage cases, various food products and Can Taps ; and,

Canada’s latest Antidumping and Consumer Alert & Recall notices.


Please contact the Gemini Team for more information on any of these items