Governmental Notices August 20th – 26th, 2016

The following updates and governmental notices may be of interest to our members and the trade:

APHIS’ Notices addressing Imports of Fresh Persimmons From New Zealand, Fresh Raspberry Fruit From Morocco and Lemons from Chile, as well as a Comment Request;

CBP’s Rules concerning Claims of Evasions of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties,

Import Prohibitions of Jadeite or Rubies and Articles of Jewelry Containing Jadeite or Rubies Mined or Extracted from Burma and Administrative Exemption on Value Increased for Certain Articles; the latest Bulletin that provides summaries of various Final and Proposed Ruling Revocations and Modifications, as well as a Comment Request, in addition to ABI messages;

CPSC and FDA Recalls and Consumer Updates;

FTZ Board current notices;

ITA and ITC Proposed Rule to Modify the Regulations Regarding Basis for Normal Value, Notices of Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Investigations, Orders, or Reviews, as well as updates on Investigations and Complaints, on items such as Certain Inkjet Printers, Printheads, and Ink Cartridges, Components Thereof, and Products Containing the Same;

California’s latest Proposition 65 60 Day Notices on items such as, but not limited to, various Sandals, Sink caddies with suction cups and Plastic shelf liners; and,

Canada’s latest Consumer Alerts and Recall notices.


Please contact the Gemini team for information on any of the above items.