Gemini Shippers Group Launches Container Analytics Dashboard

Gemini Shippers Group, one of the largest shipper’s associations operating in the United States, today launched their container analytics dashboard.  The dashboard, which is free for member companies to use, provides users with a host of easy to use metrics, KPI and reporting features to allow shippers to view all of their shipments across all of their Gemini carriers from one location.  The interactive dashboard allows users a host of drill down and export capabilities to help facilitate detailed learning and data sharing. Commenting on the launch, Ken O’Brien, COO of Gemini Shippers Group said, “We continue to build on the capabilities of our web based member portal to bring new functionality to our member companies.  We believe these value added services will continue to differentiate Gemini as the leading shipper’s association in North America and continue to provide our members with a competitive advantage as they move along the path of digitization of their supply chains”.

About Gemini Shippers

Gemini Shippers Group, one of the largest shippers associations in the United States, has been serving its members for nearly 100 years.  The group includes Gemini Shippers Association and the Fashion Accessories Shippers Association (FASA).  Gemini offers member companies access to competitive global ocean freight contracts, long term rates and space allocations by signing global contracts with a wide variety of top tier ocean carriers. For more information on Gemini Shippers Group please contact us or (212) 947-3424  or visit our website at