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Monday: On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about how difficult it is to find drivers in ’21. With capacity stretched to the limits and delivery delays slowing down the nation, what are the economic consequences of a prolonged shortage?

Wednesday: On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are looking at routing and visibility for final-mile, drayage and over-the-road trucking. With more loads going shorter distances and drivers having to deal with more stops, how do we crack the code of the traveling salesman problem and apply it to freight?

Thursday: Sustainability is a major conversation topic for leaders of today’s companies, especially in the transportation industry. To celebrate Earth Day, Dooner and The Dude host a special episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? and dive into sustainability goals of some big players in the logistics space.

Friday: On this 300th episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner and The Dude are talking about building a side hustle in transportation. This week they’re hearing from a truckerpreneur who noticed a profound lack of safe, practical clothing options for women across the board. She founded Safety4Her to help protect women in these industries by offering the clothing options they deserve.

Midday Market Update

Tuesday: On this episode of Midday Market Update, Kaylee Nix and Michael Vincent look at how companies need to shift hiring expectations to fit the desires of current job seekers.


Tuesday:On this episode of Transmission, Grace Sharkey and Sebastian Blanco look into the need for maritime awareness to improve overall efficiency.

At Your Doorstep

Tuesday: On this episode of At Your Doorstep, Kaylee Nix looks at the tiny but mighty semiautonomous delivery vehicle that could be deploying on a street near you.


Wednesday: Where can you find transportation options that fit your budget? On this episode of Freightonomics, Zach Strickland and Anthony Smith try to help you find what works.


Wednesday: On today’s episode of WithSONAR, Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor discuss the huge jump in new Class 8 truck orders and whether they will make it to the market in time to save the day.

Put That Coffee Down

Thursday: On this episode of Put That Coffee Down, Kevin Hill looks at the different ways technology can help companies decrease their carbon footprints.

Point of Sale 

Wednesday: On this episode of Point of Sale, Andrew Cox looks at the benefits of managed transportation with ArcBest’s Danny Loe.

Friday: On this episode of Point of Sale, Andrew Cox looks at the steps one leading beauty brand is taking to mitigate environmental impacts.

Drilling Deep

Thursday: Tenstreet’s Crawford talks about what he’s seeing in the flow of new driver applications.


Thursday: On this episode of Cyberly for FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon Summit, Blythe Brumleve looks at using ranching as a carbon sink to move the world toward carbon neutrality.

Taking the Hire Road

Thursday: John Lex, driver ambassador with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and professional over-the-road driver with Walmart, joined DriverReach founder and CEO Jeremy Reymer on this week’s episode of Taking the Hire Road to discuss his inspiration for becoming a trucker, and the side of trucking he wishes more people could witness.

Medically Necessary

Friday:On this episode of Medically Necessary, Matt Blois explores a partnership between one of the biggest drugmakers in the country and a freight visibility platform.

Navigate B2B

Friday: Steve Ferreira uses this episode of Navigate B2B to explain why building a successful company starts with growing good roots.

The Stockout

Friday: On this episode of The Stockout, Mike Baudendistel explains why it is not as simple as one may think to utilize intermodal transportation to reduce truckload emissions.

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