FreightWaves LIVE demo day presenters: Second edition

FreightWaves LIVE Atlanta, scheduled for next month, has gone completely virtual due to the current coronavirus crisis. FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME will still feature the rapid fire demonstrations that FreightWaves events are known for, giving companies across the industry a chance to showcase their most innovative products in a fast and fun environment. 

Demonstrations at previous FreightWaves events have included blockchain-based logistics platforms, software that integrates directly onto trucks, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and payment integrations. The innovations keep on coming, and so do the advancements as the industry’s tech continues to evolve and mature. 

Eight companies that have signed up to demo their products in May are profiled below in a randomized fashion. Seven other companies were profiled in February.

Lean Tech

Lean Tech, a subsidiary of Lean Staffing Solutions, specializes in providing high-performing development teams for U.S.-based companies through their nearshoring model focused on the logistics industry. Lean Tech manages projects by connecting fully trained tech talent with each company’s development needs related to custom software, AI, robotic processing automation (RPA) and more.

Lean Tech will demo a platform mapping out core needs in the logistics industry and convert

them into relevant solutions through the use of technology. Its platform provides the best

cost/benefit ratio in minutes. The new platform, Efficiency, brings the power of modern software development such as application programming interfaces (APIs), RPA and AI into one application. Through Efficiency, users will be able to create core platform shells that are instantly usable and applicable to company needs, including less-than-truckload (LTL) portals, truckload (TL) bidding platforms, tracking portals, email automations and middlewares. This is all facilitated with minimal disruption to current processes and connected to each company’s core platforms.


Terusama is a next-gen truck scheduling and yard management platform focused on helping logistics teams work safer and smarter. The digital-first platform enables seamless collaboration with transportation providers and facilities to improve predictability and reduce driver wait times.

Terusama keeps logistics teams up and running in any conditions with contactless driver check-in and cloud-based yard management that’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Terusama will demo instant scheduling with over 100,000 facilities, contactless driver check in, and its work from home ready cloud-based truck schedule. 

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools provides load visibility, predictive freight matching and trip planning solutions for the transportation industry. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform gives brokers accurate, real-time data and optimally matches freight with trucks. It facilitates load tracking from the beginning of the trip to the end. 

The popular driver app, downloaded by over 700,000 drivers, provides automated real-time shipment tracking to eliminate check calls while providing added value to drivers with features like truck stop hours and diesel pricing. 


Optym creates solutions that provide end-to-end optimization of shipment movements,

including pickup and delivery operations, linehaul movements and multi-stop routing. Optym’s suite consists of planning, real-time execution and monitoring systems to make transportation companies more efficient.

The Haul Suite software allows users to measure the quality of their planning and execution through analytics so they can identify areas for improvement. Through these capabilities,

companies can increase their bottom-line profits without compromising on service quality.

Optym will demonstrate how users can optimize city operations by reducing miles while meeting all service commitments. With RouteMAX, users will be able to maximize on-time performance and driver productivity with efficient routes, delay detection and dynamic routing. RouteMAX gives users the reliable information they need to make the best routing and dispatching decisions and to deliver outstanding customer service. This includes efficiency measurement, data tracking, costing and claims mitigation. Dispatchers and planners can even use RouteMAX remotely, so expert users can dispatch multiple terminals from a centralized location.


Transflo® from Pegasus TransTech is a leading mobile, telematics and business process automation provider to the transportation industry in the United States and Canada. Transflo’s digital ecosystem consists of mobile and cloud-based technologies that deliver real-time communications to fleets, brokers and commercial vehicle drivers. 

The company’s tools also digitize 500 million shipping documents a year, representing approximately $84 billion in freight bills. Organizations throughout the Transflo client and partner network use the solution suite to increase efficiency, improve cash flow and reduce costs. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Transflo is setting the pace for innovation in transportation software.

The Transflo Velocity+ software is for third-party logistics providers and freight brokers who want to improve cash flow, automate back-office tasks and establish stronger digital ties with shippers, carriers, drivers and their own staff. This broker-focused product can be integrated with most transportation management systems and performs seamlessly within the full Transflo digital ecosystem. 

Transflo Velocity+ has been integrated with the Transflo Mobile+ app, which has more than 1.3 million downloads and is used by a network of 60,000+ carriers. Transflo’s Mobile+ app is the trucking industry’s preferred mobile platform for managing loads, HOS, documents, payroll and more.


Spireon, a vehicle intelligence company, is the leading provider of aftermarket telematics

solutions in North America. By equipping cars, trucks, trailers and other mobile assets with GPS

devices and sensors, Spireon can turn any vehicle into a connected vehicle. Spireon’s NSpire IoT platform powers all Spireon solutions, supporting nearly four million active subscribers and processing more than one billion data events each month.

In this age of smart trailer, Spireon’s IntelliScan® raised the bar with advanced methods of cargo detection, leveraging a proprietary combination of ultrasonic, optical imaging and laser time of flight to achieve 99.9% accuracy in cargo detection. IntelliScan reads the entire 53’ trailer reliably and accurately, in extreme environmental conditions and with irregular load types such as “soft” cargo like carpet or paper. IntelliScan’s AI and machine learning now captures what it sees and arms carriers with what they need to combat detention and ensure trailer readiness. With IntelliScan, now companies can see it, save it and share it.

DAT Solutions

DAT operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America. Transportation professionals, news organizations and industry analysts rely on DAT for market trends and data insights derived from 183 million freight matches and a $68 billion rates database. DAT also publishes spot market van rates each business day for seven directional lanes, three regions and a national average. DAT RateView data powers the 11 Trucking Freight Futures contracts that are traded on the Nodal Exchange and settle against these prices. 

Data Analytic Services help supply chain professionals make informed decisions with current data on trucking demand and capacity, historical truckload pricing, and customized business intelligence.

DAT’s demo will highlight a new Ratecast feature with 8-day and 52-week rate predictions and explore how this comprehensive pricing resource delivers insights across 65,000 lane pairs. Customization for timeframe and geography provides the ability to research pricing for many analytical purposes, from pricing a single spot load immediately to providing guidance for your most intensive RFPs. 

The demo will also touch on how best to monitor trends and provide vital guidance to an entire team or organization on a daily basis.


TriumphPay is the nexus of billing and payments in the transportation industry. Its payment platform is used by shippers and freight brokers to process, settle and manage carrier payments across all modes of transportation. TriumphPay is offered through an operating subsidiary of TBK Bank, SSB (Member FDIC). TBK Bank, SSB is a subsidiary of Triumph Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: TBK), a financial holding company with a diversified line of community banking and commercial activities.

Improve carrier invoicing and payment experience and reduce back-office labor with the TriumphPay mobile application. With TriumphPay, carriers can create paperwork, take pictures of their load documents and submit the invoice all from their phone. Specific requirements must be met before an invoice can be completed, thus reducing the amount of incomplete paperwork that reaches brokers and must be worked before payment is rendered. 

A straight-forward user experience reduces the amount of work for brokers, which means invoices are approved faster and carriers are paid quicker. TriumphPay’s standard integrations with HubTran and Velocity+ streamline invoicing and payments, so brokers can spend more time on revenue-generating activities.