FreightWaves LIVE demo day presenters: Final edition

FreightWaves LIVE Atlanta, scheduled for next week, has gone completely virtual due to the current coronavirus crisis. FreightWaves LIVE @ HOME will still feature the rapid fire demonstrations that FreightWaves events are known for, giving companies across the industry a chance to showcase their most innovative products in a fast and fun environment. 

Demonstrations at previous FreightWaves events have included blockchain-based logistics platforms, software that integrates directly onto trucks, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and payment integrations. The innovations keep on coming, and so do the advancements as the industry’s tech continues to evolve and mature. 

Eight companies that have signed up to demo their products in May are profiled below in a randomized fashion. Several other companies were profiled in February and April.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc., a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America, provides safe and reliable transportation services to a diverse group of customers throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico.

The company will be demonstrating Carrier 360 with a focus on 360box. The presentation will focus on the following:

  • Demonstrating how a small fleet owner who primarily runs power-only loads can use Carrier 360 to manage his fleet.
  • Explaining the operation process for a 360box power-only load — including locating a nearby empty trailer and how to find the exact location of empty and loaded trailers on a map.
  • Reviewing an entire fleet’s current assignments and status.
  • Assigning a single load or multiple loads to a driver.
  • Selecting a preferred automated tracking method (ELD or Carrier 360 mobile app).
  • Showing the electronic bill-of-lading process and the customer signature notification.


In 2015, Convoy started a movement in efficient freight. The company’s mission was to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste. Convoy connects shippers to carriers to move millions of truckloads, saving money for shippers, reducing hassle for carriers and eliminating carbon waste for the planet.

Convoy uses technology and data to solve problems of waste and inefficiency in the $800 billion trucking industry, which generates over 72 million metric tons of wasted CO2 emissions from empty trucks. Shippers like Anheuser‑Busch, P&G, Unilever and Waiākea trust Convoy to lower costs, increase logistics efficiency and achieve environmental sustainability targets.

Convoy will demonstrate its shipper platform. The Convoy shipper platform gives shippers direct self-serve access to endless capacity available through the company’s digital freight network. With this free, easy-to-use online tool, customers can get instant upfront quotes for spot freight, book a load with just a few clicks and GPS track the shipment from start to finish.


Tive empowers shippers and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) by providing enhanced visibility data for in-transit shipments across the globe. The company’s intuitive software and cost-effective multisensor trackers provide comprehensive supply chain awareness, reduce freight claims and improve customer experiences. Tive enjoys the confidence of some of the largest shippers, logistics service providers and brokers in the world.

Tive will showcase how customers can use the Tive Visibility Data Cloud to monitor the location and condition of their shipments in real time. The company will demonstrate how easy it is to place the single-use trackers on their loads and set up shipments. Customers can input temperature thresholds, set up the arrival and departure geofences, enable route deviation alerts and set up text message and email notifications for supply chain managers, truckers and other stakeholders. Finally, Tive will show how a customer can perform analysis and gain insights around all of their shipments and supply chains in real time.

TTN Fleet Solutions

TTN Fleet Solutions has been the leader in unexpected maintenance event management for the most successful fleets in North America, using easy-to-use technology and a powerful network of service providers. The company has added resources and operational security to logistics supply chains by showing a real-time look at over-the-road breakdowns.

Founded in 2009, the homegrown web-based platform FleetAssist has allowed TTN to be a flexible partner to maintenance managers and carrier support groups. TTN now supports hundreds of thousands of drivers and assets. 

TTN will present its user-friendly, yet detailed, view of live breakdowns a fleet may be experiencing. The company will show viewers the main features and drop a new live case into the system. FleetAssist is the “easy button” for managing unexpected events and customers have control every step of the way.


Uptake is the system of intelligence for industrial assets. The company provides an AI-driven asset management solution that bridges the gap between industrial assets and front-line workers. Uptake gives all departments — including maintenance, operations, finance and sales — a single, shared view of every asset in an operation. With the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Uptake helps customers monitor and increase the availability of assets, improve asset reliability and streamline operations.

Recognized for leadership in industrial IoT (IIoT) by the World Economic Forum, CNBC and Forbes, Uptake is headquartered in Chicago, with a presence in Canada, South America and Australia.

Uptake’s demo will provide an overview of the company’s Predictive Maintenance software that’s currently helping customers like PepsiCo, U.S. Xpress and Brown Transfer reduce downtime, remove unexpected maintenance issues and save fuel costs. Uptake enables the next wave of fleet maintenance — moving from diagnostic and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

The company will show how customers can leverage real-time raw data readings and historical failure data, and combine that data with the power of AI to predict failures before they occur. Special to this demo, Uptake will be showing one of its newest features — the Asset Explorer tool.


vHub is a tech startup aiming at building the first global semitrailer-sharing community. The company has created vHub to help the transport community cope with the costly challenges of idle semi trailers and trailer repositioning. Additionally, vHub provides renters with an easy way to find available trailers near them, saving time and money. vHub is a division of Finloc 2000 Inc., the captive financial services company for Manac Trailers.

The company will cover how trailer owners can easily make their idle trailers and trailers to be repositioned available on vHub. The team will demonstrate what the app does to ensure owners remain in complete control of who uses their equipment with the reservation log and equipment management features.

The demonstration will also touch on how renters can quickly see what equipment is available close to them, review specs and make a reservation in just a few clicks. The team will show viewers how drivers are being notified to activate a trailer, perform an inspection and report damages with the help of the vHub mobile app.


Loadsure is an international Insurtech Managing General Agent (MGA), and its eyes are set on revitalizing the freight spot market with exciting new technology. With an innovative digital product, it is taking the lead, fueling growth and driving diversification within the market. Loadsure’s fully digital end-to-end, cloud-based insurance solution leverages predictive analytics and cutting-edge tech stack to provide the spot freight community with a full-service insurtech solution, integrated with leading digital transportation management platforms.

Loadsure markets the transportation industry’s easiest one-click insurance integration to loadboard, freight marketplace and transportation management system platforms in the U.S. Loadsure helps transportation and logistics companies address the millions of uninsured or underinsured freight tons shipped in the U.S. each year.

Loadsure is a radically simplified and efficient approach to spot freight cargo insurance, and the company has launched a fully automated, end-to-end digital process. As a result, Loadsure empowers brokers, shippers and carriers to cut per-load insurance costs fivefold and accelerate claims settlements from days to hours.

Just as Uber and Lyft harnessed real-time data and a fully automated digital process to revolutionize the taxi industry, the transportation insurance industry is similarly primed for evolution.


DLCartel was created in response to the question, “When did transacting freight become so contentious?” DLCartel accelerates long-term logistics marketplace transformation by reducing the information imbalance between carriers and customers, leveraging novel technology like machine learning, AI and innovative supply chain financing solutions. Meanwhile, the company is making an immediate impact by improving rates and communication between carriers and customers. DLCartel then donates a portion of its business to improve the world.

DLCartel is an essential platform for carriers trying to access the market and customers trying to manage their freight, providing accurate location, planning, supply chain finance and reconciliation tools. It provides predictable, per-transaction costing and RealRate information to make smarter logistics decisions.

DLCartel gives carriers all they need in one intuitive platform, while providing fundamental logistics management tools and essential data not typically accessible to small and midsize businesses. DLCartel unites carriers, providing customers with true rate and location visibility, as well as access to truckload capacity usually reserved for a handful of large companies. Fortune 100? How about Fortune 120,000?


PROS is helping transportation and logistics companies increase revenue by 2% to 5%. PROS delivers the right technology and practical experience in transforming the end-to-end sales process to meet the demands of T&L companies selling in the digital economy. For more than 35 years, PROS has helped over 100 origin and destination transportation companies, including 3PLs, full truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, air cargo, passenger air, railroad, and maritime, win the most profitable business through every sales channel.

PROS will demonstrate real-time quoting with AI-driven prices for transportation and logistics. The PROS digital platform uses AI and machine learning to help companies optimize their end-to-end selling process and accelerate the quoting and booking process. In this demo, PROS illustrates the creation of a personalized customer quote, with win-rate optimal prices thanks to AI pricing science. The first acceptable price wins.