FreightWaves introduces AskWaves, an online spot for research and answers

Introducing AskWaves, a place to search for answers in the logistics, transportation and the supply chain industry. With AskWaves, you can ask the FreightWaves team of experts and journalists anything about transportation, logistics, supply chain or freight and they will attempt to answer your question in a future article. 

This is not a search engine, but rather a dedicated spot where FreightWaves readers can get answers to questions they have about the freight industry and can ask our analysts, journalists and market experts to research a topic that will be published in a future article. Our goal is to create a universal encyclopedia of transportation knowledge and information that is relevant now and long into the future. 

“The freight industry contains a lot of tribal knowledge, but the industry lacks a central place for research and information. Our goal with AskWaves is to engage our experts in the conversation around industry questions and publish the answers for future inquiries,” Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves stated.

If you have a question you want answered about trucking, air cargo, warehousing, supply chain, rail, intermodal, breakbulk, container shipping, or bulk-shipping, AskWaves by FreightWaves is the spot to get these answers.