Freightliner conducts second recall for chassis brake light issue

Freightliner Custom Chassis

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is recalling 12,038 Freightliner vehicle chassis for a second time due to complaints about a brake light problem that led to a 2018 recall. Some additional chassis are part of the new recall.

Non-working brake lights could leave motorists following an affected truck unaware that it is braking, leading to a higher risk of crashes. Neither DTNA nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported any crashes or injuries related to this condition.

Twenty-four affected models, including the 2016-19 Freightliner Custom Chassis XBR, XBS, XCR, XCM, XCL, XCS built between Nov. 23, 2015, and June 29, 2018, were part of the original recall. A few were repaired but most were inspected. A voltage test used to identify a faulty power distribution module (PDM) may have been inadequate, DTNA said.. 

During manufacturing, the internal circuit board may have been subject to bending stresses that could lead to intermittent open circuits and failure of the rear marker, brake lights or left turn signal light. Daimler traced a March 2018 brake-light failure complaint to improper seating of the circuit board.

In June, NHTSA notified DTNA of a customer complaint and two field complaints possibly related to the earlier recall. DTNA investigated and found vehicles with the same issue  built after the 12,311 chassis identified in the first recall.

DTNA-authorized service facilities will install a new PDM on the recalled vehicles, all of which are suspected to have the brake light issue.

Owners and dealers will be notified of the recall on Sept. 10. The NHTSA recall number is 20V-404.

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