FreightCasts Weekly Recap: (8/24-8/30)

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  • The circular economy
    • Dooner and The Dude talk about the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, how to gain free access to SONAR, the scorching trucking market, how robots are helping e-commerce shippers keep pace, the circular economy and TriumphPay going more mobile than ever.
    • Plus, Bad New/Good News concerning a pistachio heist in trucking, one driver’s leap of faith and why you may have trouble finding a PS5 this holiday season.
    • This episode features Lior Elazary, CEO and founder, inVia; Sheri Henish, founder, Supply Chain Revolution; Mac Pinkerton, president of North American Surface Transportation, and Mike Neill, chief technology officer, C.H. Robinson; and Mitch Hixon, vice president of business development, TriumphPay.
  • Two storms spell double trouble
    • Dooner and The Dude talk about an unprecedented pair of storms that could spell double trouble for freight, Tenstreet’s partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking, a widow of a murdered trucker who is still seeking answers and the logistics of logistics.
    • This episode features Marilyn Surber, advisory team, Tenstreet LLC; Joe Lynch, The Logistics of Logistics; Jeremy Thone, marketing manager, 3PL Systems; and Nick Austin, director of weather analytics and senior meteorologist at FreightWaves.
    • AndEmily Szink with this week’s Big and Little Deals concerning the House’s USPS bill, used truck sales, ransomware attacks, DoorDash adding grocery delivery and WWE SummerSlam.

Midday Market Update

  • Tracking the storm
    • FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller and FreightCaster Tim Dooner cover the impact of Hurricane Laura on freight from all angles of the supply chain.
    • This episode features Kathy Fulton, executive director of the American Logistics Aid Network; Andrew Silver, CEO of MoLo Solutions; Kohl Forrest, sales manager at Summit Expedited Logistics; Drew Herpich, EVP of enterprise strategy for the Nolan Transportation Group; Nick Austin, director of weather analytics and senior meteorologist at FreightWaves; and Michael Vincent, FreightWaves freightcaster.
  • How Hurricane Laura could impact freight markets
    • Kevin Hill and Michael Vincent talk about the SONAR-powered data, issues and news that move you.
    • This episode features Craig Fuller, CEO and founder at FreightWaves; Michelle Livingstone, VP of transportation at The Home Depot; and Zach Strickland, market expert, FreightWaves.

Put That Coffee Down

  • Sales call role play for the win
    • Dooner and Hill are talking all about sales call role-playing strategies to prepare your team for the win.
    • Learn how to prepare for calls, write scripts and pick perspectives and scenarios for your next (or first) role-play training session.
    • This episode features Carolina Muñoz and Ivan Moreno of HubTek.
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!


  • In the trenches
    • Anthony and Zach discuss the potential impact of Hurricane Laura on the freight market and bring on special guest Chris Bryant, a flatbed owner-operator, for insight on what is happening on the road.

On The Spot

Great Quarter, Guys

  • What’s the next retailer domino to fall?
    • Andrew, Kevin and Seth detail which department store they think will be next to press the bankruptcy button. Are we about to see inflation or deflation in the economy? And Pershing Square’s new blank check company is discussed.
    • As always, thanks to our friends at CarrierDirect for the research assistance.

Drilling Deep

  • Trucking market ‘on fire’; diesel market barely notices Laura
    • Amit Mehrotra, the chief transportation analyst at Deutsche Bank, was on numerous analyst calls during the recently completed earnings season. He heard CEOs repeatedly report the same scenario: April was terrible, May was better and the improvement continued into June and July.
    • But now Mehrotra says he is hearing that the trucking market is “on fire.” He joins host John Kingston on Drilling Deep to discuss his take on the quarter, as well as the somewhat confrontational discussion he had with XPO on its earnings call.
    • Also on this week’s edition, Kingston talks about why the diesel market reaction to Hurricane Laura is so restrained and so different from what has gone before. But what if this massive storm really does a lot of damage? Can the diesel market handle that?

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