FreightCasts Weekly Recap (6/1-6/7)

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  • Nikola CEO Trevor Milton from basement to $12 billion debut on Nasdaq
    • Dooner and The Dude talk about Nikola Motor Company going public, St. Christopher’s getting closer to their $1 million goal, a trucker and CEO ride along, and diversity in the supply chain.  
    • This episode features Trevor Milton, CEO at Nikola Motor Company; Andrew Silver, CEO at MoLo Solutions; Hope White CEO at H.D. White Logistics; and Wayne Cragg and Dave Abbels, trucker and CEO, respectively, at The Dart Network.
    • Plus, Good News Bad News concerning the NBA playoffs, Trolls World Tour, and Caesar ‘The No Drama’ Llama.
  • Supply chain leaders show support for protests, MoLo donates to trucker relief fund
    • Dooner and The Dude talk about impacts on freight as America mourns, supply chain leaders stepping up and speaking out to lend support to protests, and MoLo offering St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund a $50,000 donation live on-air.
    • This episode features Shannon Currier, Director of Philanthropy & Development, St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund; Kenneth Carter III, President, Ameriton Freight & Logistics LLC.; and Jennifer Clymer, Director/Producer, MPTF.
    • Plus, a SONAR-powered breakdown of the freight market as we dive deeper into where rates and volumes will be headed this week.
    • And, Emily Szink with this week’s Big and Little Deals concerning Amazon’s blockchain patent, drivers staying away from home amid coronavirus concerns, the road to rate recovery, drive-in concerts and more.

Midday Market Update

  • Has freight avoided a great recession?
    • Michael Vincent and Kevin Hill talk about the SONAR-powered data, issues, and news that moves you. 
    • This episode features Jason Miller, Associate Professor of Logistics, Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University; Ruthie Amaru, CEO of the business unit; and Market Experts Andrew Cox, Anthony Smith, and Zach Strickland.
    • Viewers are encouraged to comment and call-in during broadcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12PM ET on FreightWaves’ Linkedin and Facebook channels.
  • Nikola powers up and the state of supply chains
    • Michael Vincent and Kevin Hill talk about the SONAR powered data, issues, and news that moves you. 
    • This episode features Michael Ryan, Managing Partner, The M. Ryan Group; John Kingston, Editor-at-Large, FreightWaves; and Market Experts Andrew Cox, Anthony Smith, and Zach Strickland.

Put That Coffee Down

  • Sales lessons learned from ‘The Last Dance’
    • Dooner and Hill talk about the sales lessons learned from the hit docuseries “The Last Dance” about the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls. 
    • This episode features Trey Griggs, Global Director of Sales, Hubtek.
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!


Great Quarter, Guys

Drilling Deep

  • What to do about food trucks at rest stops?
    • When food trucks were allowed to start selling their products at rest stops on many of the nation’s highways earlier this year, it marked a significant shift from years of policy that mostly kept the trucks on the road but food off of an exit.
    • Yes, there were vending machines at the rest stops. And in some states where the interstate was part of a road more controlled by the state, like the Pennsylvania Turnpike, there were full-service stops. But for those small rest stops with minimal facilities, hot food was a pipe dream.
    • The food trucks have changed that. They were allowed there because of the pandemic. But will they be allowed to stay after the pandemic’s restrictions start to ease?
    • Jessica Gandy is an attorney with the Institute for Justice in Washington, a group that among other things looks to knock down barriers to small businesses. She and her organization have taken an interest in the food trucks. She joins Drilling Deep host John Kingston to discuss her group’s views on why the trucks should be allowed to stay and whether the Institute is going to fight for that permission.
    • John will also talk about how we’re living in historic times: By one measure, we have more diesel fuel in inventory than we’ve ever had.

On The Spot

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