FreightCasts Weekly Recap (4/27-5/3)

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Coronavirus Freight Market Update

  • Cost of coronavirus emerges amid earnings
    • Michael Vincent and Kevin Hill talk about the economic impact that COVID-19 is having on freight and the transportation industry.
    • This episode features FreightWaves market experts Andrew Cox and Anthony Smith.
  • When will retail recover?
    • Michael Vincent and Kevin Hill discuss the economic impact COVID-19 is having on freight and the transportation industry.
    • This episode features FreightWaves market experts Andrew Cox and Zach Strickland.


  • Rate war rages on
    • Dooner goes solo and talks about the increasing tensions between brokers and truckers, what the TIA’s Bob Voltmann has to say about broker criticisms, and May Day protests for truckers and warehouse workers. Viewers are encouraged to comment and call in during broadcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon ET on FreightWaves’ Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube channels. 
    • Owner-operator Ingrid Brown dials in to give us an update from the road. Have driver conditions improved? Are truckers getting access to PPE? Can they get a meal? Plus her thoughts on the trucker vs. broker brouhaha.
    • And — latest headlines, Good News Bad News concerning the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index, Amazon’s sales, coupling in quarantine, and FreightWaves LIVE @HOME, plus Comment Section Rodeo, and more.
  • Pay it forward
    • Dooner and The Dude talk about a first quarter that may have been even worse without the coronavirus, the uphill battle many retailers face when reopening, and some of the great things companies have been doing to pay it forward.
    • Joining them will be the CEO of Tricom Transport Network, Christopher Martinez, to talk cooking in the cab and keeping his wheels rolling during the outbreak.
    • Owner-operator and social media guru Wayne Cragg highlights hotels that are helping out and talks about how his background in hospitality has translated to trucking.
    • T.J. Knudson, vice president of operations at MetaTrade Inc., gets into his view of the market. 
    • Plus, a SONAR-powered breakdown of the freight market as we dive deeper into rates and volumes.
    • And, Emily Szink on this week’s big and little deals concerning Kohl’s $100 million order cancellation, Adidas’ 95% profit loss, risk exposure, whether meat is the new toilet paper, and more.

Put That Coffee Down

  • Are you ready to control your own destiny?
    • Dooner and Hill talk about making something out of nothing: Are you ready to set out on your own and start your own business? What do you need to know and what will it take to get started? 
    • They’re joined by special guest Nicole Barrett, who after being laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic has taken this opportunity to strike out on her own. We’re excited to catch her at the start of her journey.
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!


Great Quarter, Guys

  • Will trucking beat analysts’ second-quarter expectations?
    • In our second earnings season update, we break down first-quarter earnings for Knight-Swift, Old Dominion and Landstar. We also discuss a bullish scenario based on consumer spending for second-quarter trucking performance. Then it’s off to our long/short segment on Draft Kings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Drilling Deep

  • Airlines do a quick two-step to orient more toward freight
    • Airlines have suffered mightily from the loss of passenger traffic as a result of the pandemic. But there also has been a demand for their services to move freight, including an area that has always been taken to the skies to move from point A to point B: medical supplies.
    • On this week’s Drilling Deep podcast, host John Kingston talks with his colleague Eric Kulisch of FreightWaves on how airlines have tried to use their spare capacity to compensate for their loss in passenger movement. There are fewer commercial passenger flights with their bellies filled with freight along with luggage. But there is still demand for those services, and Eric talks about how airlines are responding.
    • John also discusses whether diesel prices have come down “enough” at the pump given the decline in other prices. The question: What constitutes “enough”?

FreightWaves Morning Minute

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