FreightCasts Weekly Recap (3/9-3/15)

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  • “WHAT THE TRUCK?!?” — Grocery store supply chain shocked
    • Dooner and special guest co-host Michael Vincent are talking about the very visible impact the coronavirus is having on our nation’s supply chain. As life as we know it changes in the US, consumers are seeing bare grocery store shelves, tanking oil rates, escalating spot rates and event cancellations.
    • We’re joined by Daniel “Mr. Supply Chain” Stanton, who talks about the bullwhip effect that consumer buying has caused and the strain it’s putting on logistics operations.
    • “Great Quarter, Guys’” Andrew Cox updates us on the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index, which has seen its biggest jump since its inception. But was it up or down?
    • “Freightonomics’” Zach Strickland takes us through the spot market’s recent volatility and how long elevated rates will last.
    • Supply Chain Now’s Scott Luton dials in to talk about the changing tone among 
  • “WHAT THE TRUCK?!?” — Social distancing USA
    • Dooner and Chad talk about the stock market’s Black Monday, oil’s pricing wars and why social distancing has become a normal part of business.
    • Kyle Lintner of K-Ratio dials in to talk about black swan events, how futures are the only real hedge against the market and more.
    • Sabrina Potter says the struggle is real for hemp brokers.
    • Alfonso Quijano, COO at Lean Tech IO & CTO at Lean Staffing Solutions, gets us up to speed on RPA.
    • Then, Emily Szink on what’s a big deal and what’s a little deal with trucking volume spikes, CDL scams, ransomware attacks, Coachella and eating out.
  • “Great Quarter, Guys” — How to defend against a nuclear verdict
    • Andrew discusses defendant tactics with prominent trucking defense attorney Joe Pappalardo. Then Ryan Schreiber of CarrierDirect joins him to talk about how the coronavirus is impacting his clients. Lastly, Andrew and Ryan battle over Quibi and whether March Madness will happen this year.
  • “Fuller Speed Ahead” — FreightWaves and partner to bring spot market visibility to SONAR 
    • Craig Fuller speaks with Brent Hutto about SONAR partnership., the largest digital freight marketplace in North America, and FreightWaves, the leading provider of data and analysis to the logistics markets, have partnered to provide spot trucking rate market visibility to SONAR subscribers.
  • “Put That Coffee Down” — Motivate your freight sales team now
    • Dooner and Hill talk about the reward that comes after the “No.” The ambition and motivation that drive us to keep moving forward between sales.
    • What are your goals, what makes your team tick, and how do you get up off the mat after each knockdown?
    • Joining us in studio is Chris O’Connor, head of sales development at Ambition. Chris will talk about ways his company is using tech to drive sales satisfaction and results.
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!
  • “On The Spot” — How shutdowns will affect freight
    • Zach Strickland and JP Hampstead discuss the possibility of e-commerce growth, spending in the service sector and more. While the effects are yet to be determined, drivers are still out on the road delivering goods throughout the country.
  • “Freightonomics” — How the financial markets move transportation
    • Anthony and Zach bring in former fund manager Seth Holm to discuss how the volatile equities markets can hit the world of transportation and trucking.
  • “Drilling Deep” — Great news! Diesel prices are lower. Bad news! Diesel prices are lower
    • Among all the chaos in markets these past days has been one that is of particular importance to the trucking industry — the price of oil and the price of diesel have collapsed.
    • This may sound like nothing but a good thing for the trucking sector, but it’s complicated. “Drilling Deep” host John Kingston is joined by FreightWaves’ Sultan of SONAR Zach Strickland to discuss his work on the correlation between diesel prices and freight rates. It’s not what you might think.