FreightCasts Weekly Recap: (3/23-3/29)

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  • Coronavirus Freight Market Update
    • Unemployment, bailouts and headlines
      • We run through the headlines, break down what’s going on with unemployment and have a special interview with FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller. Viewers are encouraged to comment and call in during these live, interactive broadcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon ET on FreightWaves’ Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube channels.
    • Unemployment and economic impacts of a pandemic
      • Michael Vincent and Tim Dooner talk about what some companies are doing to help the fight against the coronavirus, Andrew Cox has deep dive numbers on unemployment, Anthony Smith covers the economic impacts, and Kevin Hill rounds us out with the latest industry news. Viewers are encouraged to comment and call in during these live, interactive broadcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon ET on FreightWaves’ Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube channels.
  • WHAT THE TRUCK?!? — Can America pick-up?
    • Dooner and The Dude are shining a light on some of the good being done in the supply chain amid the coronavirus crisis. 
    • Thirteen-year-old Logan Miller dials in to tell us how he’s using his allowance to #thankatrucker.
    • Steam Logistics CEO Jason Provonsha talks global trade and how freight volumes are looking from our borders.
    • Post.Bid.Ship’s Jon Payne gives us his view of freight flows from Spain. 
    • Plus, Good News Bad News concerning the stimulus bill, airlines, Chinese trade, HOS, Airbnb, nurses and more.
    • Finally, we hear from our listeners in the comment section rodeo.
  • WHAT THE TRUCK?!? — Isolation on 18 wheels: How drivers are dealing with the coronavirus
    • Dooner and The Dude are talking about drivers being told they’re “on their own” if they get the coronavirus, Beaver Express Services’ bankruptcy, and Love’s extending support to workers.
    • Lean Staffing Solutions CEO Robert Cadena dials in to talk about nearshoring during a crisis.
    • Truck driver Charles Stallings Jr. gets us up to date on delivery conditions for drivers.
    • Transportation attorney Cassandra Gaines on TQL layoffs and lawsuits. Also, can truckers deliver in shelter-in-place states?
    • Plus, Zach Strickland talks this week in volumes and rates.
    • And, Emily Szink on this week’s big and little deals concerning COVID-19’s impact on infrastructure, Port Houston, “scam” cures, strained home delivery networks, Trump relaxing quarantine, and Ikiru the instafamous cat.
  • Put That Coffee Down — When to hold ’em and when to fold ’em in freight sales
    • Dooner and Hill are talking about knowing when to push forward with a deal and when to back off. If you’re getting ghosted, is it time to let go of the ghost? Are you talking to a coach or a champion? Does your prospect understand the value you’re presenting? They’ll discuss strategies for pushing a deal forward, tabling a deal and how to bow out gracefully. 
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community-building!
  • Freightonomics — Will the cure be worse than the disease?
    • With unemployment levels skyrocketing and a stimulus package in the works, Anthony and Zach are joined by Andrew Cox to debate how the U.S. should handle the COVID-19 outbreak economically as a country, a business and an individual.
  • Great Quarter, Guys — Will this crisis be a defining moment for FedEx and XPO?
    • This week we discuss the different strategies FedEx and XPO use to build shareholder value. Will this crisis be a defining moment for either?
    • We also take a look at how high jobless claims will jump and what it means for April’s unemployment numbers.
    • As always, a special thanks to our friends at CarrierDirect for contributing to the research for this episode.
  • Drilling Deep — Trucking companies look to stay profitable in unprecedented times
    • On this week’s Drilling Deep, host John Kingston talks with Chris Henry of FreightWaves. Chris is the head of the TCA Profitability Program.
    • It’s a program designed to both benchmark best practices as well as share them among its members, helping trucking companies all over the country stay in the black. With such an uncertain market ahead, this guidance is particularly important.
    • Chris talks about what he’s seeing with the dozens of companies he’s in contact with every week and how they should get through the era of COVID-19.
    • Also on Drilling Deep, John shares his views on how the collapse in oil prices is going to be a disaster for that portion of the trucking world that services the U.S. oil patch.
  • FreightWaves Morning Minute — (Monday-Friday)
    • The fastest minute in freight.
    • The top headlines from every weekday morning. Available on, your favorite podcasts player and Alexa by adding the skill “FreightWaves.”