FreightCasts Weekly Recap (2/17-2/23)

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  • “What The Truck?!?” — One Point Logistics employee talks final days of the company, Knight-Swift on Book It Now, more
    • On today’s episode, we’ve got the latest news on KeepTruckin’s shutdown of One Point Logistics, we’ll find out if Walmart will get another day in court, and learn how Knight-Swift will ‘Book It Now’ with TruckStop. 
    • Plus Don Everhart, VP of Technology and Analytics for Knight-Swift dials in to dive deep on their latest digital partnerships. TriumphPay’s Kate Juliao is here for a good cause and to talk about product security. 
    • Bad news / good news for Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Connecticut, and McMillions. Then we hear from you in Comment Section Rodeo.
  • “What The Truck?!?” — Truck parking lot shooting, Amazon counterfeits, surviving cancer and more
    • On this Presidents Day episode, Dooner and Chad are talking about a trucker shot over a parking spot, the incoming capacity crunch, and the White House China trade deal watchdog group.
    • They’ll see why counterfeit Amazon goods are now trending in the supply chain.
    • Attorney Heather Devine talks hostage cargo, e-commerce and taking motorcycles to the track.
    • Cancer survivor and owner-operator Ingrid Brown shares her inspirational journey.
    • Plus news on “yesterday’s delivery,” coronavirus, NFI’s electric fleets, Facebook, Chaka Khan and much more.
  • “Great Quarter, Guys” — building alliances in the Freight Matching Wars
    • Kevin and Andrew have two special guests: Bill Vitti, chief commercial officer of Truckstop, explains the recently announced partnership with Knight-Swift; then Peter Rentschler from Carrier Direct discusses his takeaways from last week’s Stifel Conference in Miami. Lastly, we discuss the triumphant return of flip phones and why Virgin Galactic stock has tripled since Christmas.
  • “FreightWaves Insiders” — How to think and grow rich, with Andrew Leto, founder of Emerge
    • How to think and grow rich using the right mindset, with Andrew Leto, founder of Emerge
    • GlobalTranz origin story revealed. From eBay opportunities to a $400 million exit.
  • “Put That Coffee Down” — Psychology of cold calling in freight sales
    • Dooner and Hill take on every salesperson’s least favorite part of the job: cold calling.
    • What is it about picking up the phone that causes us such anxiety? How do we overcome our fears of gatekeepers, rejection and more? Today’s the day we face our demon and yours as we dive deep on the internal battle that is: cold calling.
    • We’re joined by special guest Jason Ickert of ENERGY Transportation Group to learn how he has trained himself and his team to overcome their issues with cold calling — by beginning with the end in mind.
    • Plus, our weekly survey results, shoutouts to listeners and a winner is drawn for our book giveaway!
  • “Fuller Speed Ahead” — Modernizing freight forwarders with Julian Alvarez, founder and CEO of Logixboard
    • FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller chats with Julian Alvarez, founder and CEO of Logixboard.
  • “Freightonomics” — How the spot market moves the freight economy
    • Spot freight may only account for 10-20% of total freight moved in the U.S., but its activity paints the picture of the entire freight market. Tom Mallon joins in to discuss the direction of rates in 2020. Also: coronavirus update along with the current state of the market, as well as recent economic releases.
  • “Drilling Deep” — What truck drivers are going to report to the IRS this year
    • Todd Amen, president of ATBS, sees lots of truckers’ tax returns. It’s one of the things his company does among the services it provides to truckers.
    • On this week’s “Drilling Deep” podcast, Todd sat in with host John Kingston to discuss some of the numbers he’s seen so far. It’s reasonable to assume that driver incomes went down in 2019 compared to 2018. But how much did they fall? Todd discusses the type of year drivers had last year.
    • Also on this week’s podcast, John talks about the diesel market and a new report that should make everybody who is exposed to the price of diesel — shippers and carriers — very happy. The report sees lots of diesel sloshing around in the world, especially in Asia, and sees little chance of a significant uptick in diesel prices, even after the coronavirus spread is brought to a halt.
  • “FreightWaves LIVE” — Making or breaking your business with machine learning — Ryan Rusnak, Airspace Technologies
    • In this FreightWaves Flashback to FreightWaves LIVE Chicago, we hear from Ryan Rusnak, CTO and co-founder or Airspace Technologies, during his session: Making or breaking your business with machine learning.
  • “FreightWaves Morning Minute” – (Monday -Friday)
    • The fastest minute in freight.
    • The top headlines from every weekday morning. Available on, your favorite podcast player and Alexa by adding the skill “FreightWaves.”