FreightCasts Weekly Recap (2/10-2/16)

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  • “Great Quarter, Guys” — Has Chinese trade been effectively halted until at least April?
    • Special guest Lori Ann LaRocco from CNBC discusses how the coronavirus is affecting freight flows from China.
    • Earnings season is also in full swing, and it looks like XPO has taken more than a few steps toward its ultimate breakup.
    • Then, it’s off to the battle between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Nikola Badger, as the companies’ founders continue to troll each other in the main event trolling match.
    • A special thanks as always to our research partner for the podcast, CarrierDirect.
  • “WHAT THE TRUCK?!?” — Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse’s failure to register
    • On this post-Oscars edition, Dooner and Chad look into why 90% of drivers seeking jobs fail to register in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. They also cover the Coyote layoffs, see a surge in logistics job growth, talk to Logixboard CEO and founder Julian Alvarez, and dial up RDS Logistics Director of Sales Jamin Alvidrez.
    • Then they play market expert trivia, find out what’s hot in Freightonomics and finish with an Academy Award-worthy Big Deal, Little Deal.
  • “WHAT THE TRUCK?!?” — Wayfair layoffs, carrier shutdowns and a box of chocolates
    • This Valentine’s Day episode looks at two carrier shutdowns, Wayfair layoffs and alleged Celadon repo scams. Lakeshore Records’ Brian McNelis dials in to shed light on how a fire at a U.S. vinyl record factory could cause massive disruption in the music supply chain. Traffix’s Brandon Bay discusses Nashville Transportation Club’s next big event.
    • Kevin Hill covers the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index, recaps this week’s “Put That Coffee Down,” and has a weekend FreightWaves Radio preview.
    • Is it good news or bad news for XPO, FedEx, UPS, the coronavirus, Spotify, dogs and Rebecca Black? And Comment Section Rodeo has your feedback.
  • “FreightWaves Insiders” — How to buy your company, with Michelle Halkerston, president and CEO of Hassett Express
    • Michelle Halkerston, president and CEO at Hassett Express LLC, on taking advantage of opportunities and being the star of your own dream
    • Mind, body and business
    • Keeping the culture, shared values, customer satisfaction, data optimization and a good workout as pathways to being awesome
  • “Put That Coffee Down” — Filling your freight sales funnel
    • This week, Dooner and Hill are talking all about the funnel, the pipeline, the place where closers play. But what goes into making a good funnel? Leads, discipline, management, constant touch and smart selling are all discussed. The guys are joined by Covenant Transport Vice President Benjamin Caplenor to talk carrier sales funnels. Plus, a look at our lead funnel survey conducted with over 200 freight sales professionals.
  • “Freightonomics: Macro Edition” — How to navigate in a slow freight economy
    • Lead Economist Anthony Smith takes the reins on this macro edition of Freightonomics. He chats with a diverse panel of guests about ways to optimize performance across business areas in a sluggish freight economy. Listeners will learn how to navigate today while preparing for the future of freight.
  • “On The Spot” — Freight markets are cold; tepid growth overall
    • Director of Research Kevin Hill chats with Director of Passport Research JP Hampstead about the state of rates in this first part of 2020. They also talk about research, how the coronavirus continues to impact volumes, and the struggles of the Los Angeles market.
  • “Drilling Deep” — Looking into the future for diesel prices
    • How would you like to know today what the price of something is going to be tomorrow? That’s what FreightWaves has launched with its predictive model on wholesale diesel prices. On this week’s “Drilling Deep” podcast, host John Kingston speaks with DTN’s Scott Susich, who has worked with FreightWaves on the new product in SONAR, to discuss the value of knowing where prices are going and how it can help truckers. Keeping with that theme, Kingston talks about the current state of the market, which is looking very good if you have to buy fuel and are rooting for lower levels.
  • “Fuller Speed Ahead” — Avoiding freight’s pitfalls with Tenney Group Managing Partner Spencer Tenney
    • Chief Strategy Officer JT Engstrom speaks with Spencer Tenney, managing martner of Tenney Group.
  • “FreightWaves LIVE” — Where’s my truck?! Carrier tracking, transparency and ubiquity
    • FreightWaves Chief Insight Officer Dean Croke speaks with NFI President David Broering about the value of tracking technology. Where is the line between when tech enhances supply chains versus when it is invasive and intrusive?
  • FreightWaves Morning Minute — Monday – Friday
    • The fastest minute in freight.
    • The top headlines on every weekday morning and recaps the top headlines. Available on your favorite podcast player and Alexa by adding the skill “FreightWaves.”