FreightCasts Weekly Recap (10/5-10/11)

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  • Uber Freight moving to the beat of this drummer
    • Dooner and The Dude talk to Uber Freight’s Bill Driegert, who plays a drum solo. Plus, the five worst weather states for trucking, the CEO perspective from SmartHop’s Guillermo Garcia on building a company, and CRST International’s Hugh Ekberg on the potential impacts of a driver shortage.
    • Also, Bad News/Good News concerning this week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index, broker transparency, and the NFL’s COVID quandary.
    • This episode features Driegert, head of operations and co-founder, Uber Freight; Ekberg, president and CEO, CRST International; and Garcia, co-founder and CEO at SmartHop.
  • Port X Logistics uses tech to unify drayage market
    • Adopting the right technology is key to executing better communication.
  • WHAT THE TRUCK?!? LIVE from Last Mile Logistics
    • Dooner and The Dude are live from Last Mile Logistics with Nicole Glenn, president, Candor Expedite; Kelly Pickard, CEO, Hackbarth Delivery Service; William Sachiti, founder and CEO, Kar-Go; and Tiffany Novich, CEO, Full Tilt Logistics.
  • An abundance of caution
    • Dooner and The Dude talk about Amazon’s “75-day peak season,” whether we will see double-digit rate increases in transportation in 2021, what XPO could be selling to Europe, the reefer market from an owner-operator’s POV, manufacturing transportation, wheel of stupid questions and more.
    • This episode features Brian Kempisty, founder, Port X Logistics; Dan the Driver, owner, Roe Transportation; and Jose Socorro, transportation supervisor, Central States Manufacturing.
    • Plus, a SONAR-powered breakdown of the freight market as we dive deeper into where rates and volumes will be headed this week.
    • And, Emily Szink, with this week’s Big and Little Deals concerning a wave of supply chain ransomware attacks, a carrier filing for bankruptcy, erratic container returns, bears on garbage trucks, and FreightWaves’ next virtual event: Last Mile Logistics.

FreightWaves LIVE

  • Consumer demand drives more visible, service-oriented supply chain
    • Erik Caldwell, Last Mile president for XPO Logistics, and FreightWaves President George Abernathy talk about consumer demand and the last mile in the keynote event for the FreightWaves Last Mile Logistics Summit.
  • Keynote: How changes in consumer demand are reshaping the last mile
    • An XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO) executive forecast Thursday that XPO might need an additional 25%-30% of delivery capacity during this fall’s strong peak season. “We want to go into this peak period and really prove that we’re ready for the Super Bowl and ready to do this,” XPO Last Mile President Erik Caldwell told FreightWaves President George Abernathy during the keynote event, “How Changes in Consumer Demand Are Reshaping the Last Mile,” as part of Thursday’s virtual FreightWaves Last Mile Logistics Summit. That 25%-30% of additional delivery capacity would be on top of what XPO was running this summer, Caldwell said, noting that the company’s summer volumes were even higher than what was delivered during the 2019 peak season.
  • Supply Chain Spotlight – CI Capital Partners Managing Director Joost Thesseling
    • CI Capital Partners Managing Director Joost Thesseling joins FreightWaves President George Abernathy for this edition of Supply Chain Spotlight. Supply Chain Spotlight is a biweekly show on FreightWavesTV that highlights our industry’s thought leaders. The show is hosted by JT Engstrom and George Abernathy.
  • Digitization can shape a company’s safety culture – The Future of Logistics Real Estate
    • Using data collected from innovative technology such as wearables not only supports safety measures and productivity, according to Cormac Gilligan, global vice president of environment, health and safety for PepsiCo Inc. It can also provide employees with a sense of ownership because of the data’s real-life applications. Gilligan pointed to PepsiCo’s adoption of employees using wearables during certain work shifts or manufacturing plants and distribution centers. The wearables allowed employees to see how they moved, collecting data on “high-risk postures” such as twisting and turning one’s body. PepsiCo then used that data to identify and fix work design issues or process problems, Gilligan said during a virtual fireside chat on the roles of digitization and automation in frontline safety during FreightWaves’ The Future of Logistics Real Estate.

Put That Coffee Down

  • How to win shipping bids
    • Dooner and Hill talk about how to win shipping bids. 
    • We cover how to preserve your margins, benchmark the market, pitch the deal and tell the story of your value proposition. Also, what to do when you get ghosted. 
    • This episode features Michael Fullam, executive vice president, ReedTMS Logistics
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!


  • How long will the import boom last?
    • Anthony and Zach bring on maritime expert Henry Byers to discuss the near- and long-term impacts to the domestic freight market resulting from the record-breaking influx of shipments from Asia.

Great Quarter, Guys

  • An investor’s guide to final mile
    • Andrew, Kevin and Seth discuss their thoughts on the consumer and upcoming holiday season, before being joined by Bruce Chan, VP, global logistics at Stifel. Bruce makes his FreightWavesTV debut and talks drones, white gloves and all the peculiarities of final mile.

Drilling Deep

  • Dart takes steps to increase pay and retain drivers
    • Soon after Dave Ables took over as president and CEO of Dart Transit Co. and as the first days of the pandemic receded into a strong freight market, he knew there was a problem: retaining and attracting drivers.
    • So the Minnesota-based company put through an increase in compensation on several different fronts. It wasn’t just a straightforward increase in pay. There were other steps taken to ensure the company retained the drivers it needed to hold on to for its business to succeed.
    • Host John Kingston talks with Ables about the process for making those decisions and how those new policies were greeted by the driving community.
    • Also on Drilling Deep this week, Kingston talks about the latest federal government report on diesel prices out to next year and how their fate will be even more tied to crude than usual.

On The Spot

Midday Market Update

  • Driving school scandals and big verdicts
    • On the Midday Market Update presented by Amazon Freight, Kevin Hill and Michael Vincent talk about the SONAR-powered data, issues and news that move you.
    • This episode features Marilyn Surber of the advisory team at Tenstreet LLC; John Kingston, editor-at-large at FreightWaves; FreightWaves Market Experts Anthony Smith, Zach Strickland and Andrew Cox; and FreightWaves Director of Weather Analytics Nick Austin.
    • This is a live, interactive event. Viewers are encouraged to comment during broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday at noon ET on FreightWaves’ LinkedIn and Facebook channels.

FreightWaves Morning Minute

  • Monday-Friday
    • The fastest minute in freight.
    • The top headlines from every weekday morning. Available on, your favorite podcasts player and Alexa by adding the skill “FreightWaves.”