Freight Futures daily curve: 3/17

Freight Futures contract to watch today: National and Regional Averages

The Trucking Freight Futures markets finished Monday unchanged to mixed, pointing to continued tightening of spot market capacity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The spot National contract (FUT.VNU202003) ended unchanged at $1.34 per mile. Also unchanged was the East regional (FUT.VEU202003), which settled at $1.53. The West regional contract (FUT.VWU202003) closed a fraction higher to $1.352, while the South regional contract (FUT.VSU202003) ended fractionally lower to $1.138. The outbound LAX lanes, which have weighed heavily on both regions over the past two weeks, remained steady on the day.

On the lanes in the East, the PHL to CHI contract (FUT.VPC202003) closed up 0.1% to $1.009 and was offset by a similar decline in the ATL to PHL contract (FUT.VAP202003), which settled at $1.805. The CHI to ATL contract (FUT.VCA202003) finished unchanged at $1.776. In the West, the LAX to SEA contract (FUT.VLS202003) found some firm ground for a change and finished unchanged at $1.799 as the SEA to LAX contract (FUT.VSL202003) rose by 0.33%, to settle at $0.905. In the South, the LAX to DAL contract (FUT.VLD202003) also regained its footing by standing pat at $1.211. The DAL to LAX contract (FUT.VDL202003) finished down 0.1% to close at $1.066.

FreihtWaves SONAR: Chart

SONAR Tickers: FUT.VNU202003, FUT.VEU202003, FUT.VWU202003, FUT.VSU202003