Freight Futures daily curve: 1/10

Freight Futures contract to watch today: Chicago, IL to Atlanta, GA (VCA)

It was another mixed bag for the Trucking Freight Futures markets where gains in the East were offset by declines in the West and the South. The spot National contract (FUT.VNU202001) again finished unchanged at $1.455/mile. The East regional contract (FUT.VEU202001) closed higher by 0.31% to settle at $1.633. The West regional contract (FUT.VWU202001) declined by 0.2% and the South regional contract (FUT.VSU202001) fell 0.16% and they closed at $1.486 and $1.245, respectively.

The primary driver in the East was the CHI to ATL contract (FUT.VCA202001) which jumped $0.013 or 0.64% to $2.049, and is quickly approaching its spot month trading high of $2.082 from December. The ATL to PHL contract (FUT.VAP202001) also continued to strengthen and rose by 0.2% to settle at $1.759. Slipping nearly 0.3% was the PHL to CHI contract (FUT.VPC202001), which finished the session at $1.089. In the West, the SEA to LAX contract (FUT.VSL202001) continued to feel downward pressure by sliding another 0.7% to settle at $0.972. The LAX to SEA contract (FUT.VLS202001) remained anchored at $2.000, where it has been stuck since the start of January. In the South, a 0.3% rise in the DAL to LAX contract (FUT.VDL202001) to $1.037 was more than offset by the 0.5% dip in the LAX to DAL contract (FUT.VLD202001) to $1.453.

SONAR Tickers: FUT.VCA202001, FUT.VCA201912