FourKites adds interactive congestion map; DriverReach, Trucker Tools announce driver-centric products

US border crossing

Trucker Tools and DriverReach all announced new products on April 29, 2020, to
help customers improve efficiency and reduce wasted time.

FourKites has gone live with its Network Congestion Map, which tracks
cross-border freight movements in North America, Mexico and Europe. The map
also includes port delays at over 230 global ports and interstate transit

The interactive map is free and
available at

“FourKites’ Network Congestion Map
is a great way to understand current impacts and potential risks for the global
supply networks that rely on ocean freight,” Sergiy Yablonskiy, senior product
manager for transportation at Nestlé, said. “We are grateful to FourKites for
its responsiveness and for providing this visibility so quickly.”

The map is updated in near
real-time and will include data from cities and states throughout the U.S. as
well as Latin America in the coming weeks. It will show congestion to help
supply chain managers more accurately predict freight movement.

“This is a difficult time for all
of us as global citizens,” Vivek Vaid, CTO at FourKites, said. “FourKites’ goal
is to deliver insights from our data platform to help everyone who moves goods
to do so quickly across borders and through ports. Armed with this information,
companies can keep close tabs on their shipments and make any necessary
adjustments to keep goods moving. Now, more than ever, we all need to stand
together and work as a global community.”

Trucker Tools adds parking

Trucker Tools has announced an expansion of parking visibility within its
platform with the announcement of a strategic agreement with SecurSpace. SecurSpace is an online marketplace that connects businesses
looking for parking and storage options to property owners with space.

The agreement will identify
approximately 1,000 spaces for truck parking to the Trucker Tools Smart
Capacity platform and mobile driver app.

“We continue to look for strategic
partners that can enhance and extend the tools and resources truckers rely on
to efficiently run their businesses,” Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief
executive of Trucker Tools, said in a statement. “SecurSpace and its unique
model delivers a previously untapped source of capacity addressing the critical
need for more safe, secure parking for our nation’s truck drivers.”

SecurSpace enables on-demand access
to industrial real estate properties with available parking, which previously
was not accessible, in cities across the country, explained Lance Theobald,
co-founder and CEO of SecurSpace, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We provide a platform solution that
aggregates this latent capacity and makes it easily accessible in one place,”
he said. “We are combating issues caused by the lack of adequate space in
cities and near major highways and interstates. Trucking and logistics
businesses nationwide contend with this issue on a daily basis and solving this
problem is our specialty.”

DriverReach, Luma connect for efficient driver onboarding

DriverReach and Luma announced new integrations to improve the driver onboarding
process and better document and track commercial driver’s license driver
training events.

Luma is a learning and instructional design company. It helps trucking
companies with multiple products address training needs – from entry-level
drivers through ongoing safety and health wellness training, as well as
employee training. The company’s LumaLive tool allows drivers to meet with
trainers to complete orientation, or attend a safety meeting virtually using an
embedded live video conferencing tool.

Through a direct API feed
integration, DriverReach and Luma communicate seamlessly to ensure all training
and onboarding documents migrate smoothly between the two systems with little
to no manual effort. There is no integration fee for the direct API feed
integration, which is now available to mutual DriverReach and Luma customers.

“Training drivers is one of the
most effective ways to make sure a driver onboards properly,” said Jeremy
Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach. “We’ve had the pleasure of working
closely with Luma over the last couple of years and are thrilled to enhance our
partnership with such an incredible company. Our joint customers can now easily
document and track orientation and training events, ensuring their hard work of
hiring drivers pays off by improving retention.”