FMC reviews 13 OTI license applications

   The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has received 13 ocean transportation intermediary (OTI) license applications and changes for review.
   The FMC received a non-vessel-operating common carrier license application from Rapid Multiservice & Messenger Corp., Hialeah, Fla. (Yanira Font, president).
   The agency also received NVO/ocean freight forwarder license applications from Americas Trans-Logistics, Doral, Fla. (Maria C. Ucros, president), and Leader Commerce Corp., Miami (Fernanda G. Araujo, vice president).
   In addition, the FMC received license applications for changes to qualifying individuals from American Shipping & Logistics, Jamaica, N.Y. (Neil R. Ehrlichman, vice president); Amexlog Corp., Miami (Norman A. Vimo, secretary); Canyon Global Logistics, Houston (Jared L. Jensen, president); Hanjin Transportation Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea (Jung Jin Bae, vice president); Nav Logistics Group, Troy, Mich. (David B. Fitzpatrick, president); Platinum Cargo Logistics, Wheat Ridge, Colo. (Kaitlyn M. Flanigan, vice president of customs house brokerage); Seaboard Forwarding Co., Tarrytown, N.Y. (William Criscitelli, president); Solex Logistics, Inglewood, Calif. (Ivan V. Ngo, CEO); Terra Global Logistics Corp., Pinecrest, Fla. (Lorenzo J. Lopez, vice president); and Vertex Freight Systems, Doral, Fla. (Lilliana Madrigal, president).
   Persons knowing of any reason why an applicant should not receive an OTI license or amendment are urged to contact the FMC’s Office of Transportation Intermediaries in Washington, D.C. Lists of licensed OTIs (applications approved, bonds in place and fully licensed) — both ocean freight forwarders and NVOs — also are available on the FMC website.