Florida port remains shut down as Tropical Storm Isaias approaches (with forecast video)

Satellite animation of Tropical Storm Isaias just offshore of Florida's east coast.

Tropical Storm Isaias is barreling through the northwestern Bahamas this morning, August 2, and will come close to landfall on Florida’s east coast today.

Yesterday evening, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued a condition ZULU for Port Canaveral. This means no vessels may enter or move within these ports without permission from the captain of the port (COTP). Also, all ship-to-shore operations have stopped until further notice. Looser restrictions are in place for the Port of Jacksonville, the Port of North Carolina and the Port of Virginia.

As of 8 a.m. EDT today, Isaias was centered about 40 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida. Maximum sustained winds around the eyewall were measured by Hurricane Hunters to be 65 mph, and tropical storm force winds extended up to 115 miles from the eye of the storm. This puts much of Florida’s east coast well within range of these winds.

Tropical storm conditions, along with possible flooding due to storm surge and heavy rainfall, will persist along much of Florida’s east through tonight. Then, Isaias will impact portions of Georgia and the Carolinas Monday and Tuesday.

More details are available in the attached video. Look for more updates later on the FreightWaves website and social media accounts.

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