Find out why this transportation attorney thinks blaming ELDs for accidents is “bs” – WTT?!? weekend wrap [with video]

On this episode, find out why transportation attorney Cassandra Gaines doesn’t believe that ELDS are to blame for a spike in fatal trucking accidents since their implementation.

Will the coronavirus impact your supply chain? The World Health Organization (WHO) says there are 7,818 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world, with nearly all of them in China, where 170+ people have died. Outside China, a total of 82 cases have been reported in 18 countries. Could factory shutdowns and airline line cancellations trickle down into your goods flow?

C.H. Robinson’s earnings land hard. North America’s largest third-party logistics provider held the line on trucking volumes but paid for it with profitability. In the fourth quarter of 2019, C.H. Robinson management was faced with a choice: Let volumes continue to deteriorate and see market share fall, or reprice contractual business aggressively to maintain share at the expense of profitability. Robinson chose the latter.

Why did Navistar receive “an unsolicited proposal” from TRATON? Could further integration be in their future?

Kevin “King of the” Hill gives us the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index update. Could the tide turn in shippers’ favor or will it waiver further towards carriers?

Michael “The Dude” Vincent explains the difference between a freight trend and a freight forecast.

Good News Bad News always begins–and ends–on a good note.

Good news: Reefer demand, which is seasonal and makes up 12-20% of contracted freight, is up year over year by 13%.

Bad news: Their dry van counterparts are down 1% year over year.

Importantly, find out how the owl was too fat to fly, and the eagle that shattered a semi’s windshield, turns out to be good news.

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