EKA Solutions, Transflo expand partnership to digitize document workflows

EKA Solutions and Transflo have announced an expansion of their strategic collaboration that will improve document workflow between shippers and carriers.

“While EKA’s new investments are focused on implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technological solutions to transform the supply chain, EKA is also focused on delivering six-figure savings to its customers by digitizing document workflows across the transportation chain,” said JJ Singh, founder, investor and CEO of EKA Solutions, Inc.

The two companies first announced a partnership in November 2019. This new agreement will build upon that and aim to deliver “transformational end-to-end digital and automated transportation document workflow solutions between shippers and carriers.”

“Innovation across the transportation chain is accelerating and most of it comes from software and technology,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Transflo. “We’re excited to work closely with the experienced and talented supply chain leadership team at EKA Solutions to accelerate the delivery of innovative end-to-end digital and automated document and mobility solutions, including our new digital and automated eBOL solution, that are seamlessly integrated with the EKA Omni-TMS [transportation management system] platform to meet the industry’s current and emerging needs.”

EKA offers the cloud-based Software-as-aService (SaaS) digital freight management ecosystem platform, dFEMX. dFEMX manages all of a customer’s freight business including freight exchange and third-party services. Under the dFEMX offering, EKA offers the Omni-TMS for brokers, carriers and shippers. Providing real-time information, EKA Omni-TMS enables users to provide visibility and transparency as they trade across an expanding and verified network with key, trusted partners.

Shippers or customers using EKA 4PL and Shipper TMS solutions will be able to electronically issue bill of lading (eBOL), proof of delivery (ePOD), inspection documents, manifests and other shipping documents.

Carriers using TransFlo’s mobile App will be able to interface seamlessly to receive the documents on their tablet or smartphone to streamline the BOL/POD collection process to enhance the driver’s experience and eliminate manual tasks for both the driver at pick-up and delivery locations and streamline carrier, shipper and shipping dock back office activities. In addition, the integration is aimed to foster a deeper connectedness between the drivers and the back-office. Indexing becomes more automated and error-free, and delivery to cash accelerated.

Documents captured within TransFlo’s mobile workflow will automatically index and transferred into EKA Documents System, EKA said.

In June, EKA announced the Omni-TMS for carriers. The solution adds more precise asset/load matching and revenue management tools, real-time availability of all the data and information at the point of key decision-making, and automated work processes that facilitate exception management to streamline carrier management work processes, the company said.

Transflo offers document management solutions, serving over 1.6 million commercial vehicle drivers and digitizing over 500 million shipping documents each year.