EFS: Big tech and big fleets — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

On this special episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? for FreightWaves’ Enterprise Fleet Summit, Dooner and The Dude hear from special guests about expansions into the tech space that will help any fleet. 

First up is Alexander Stevenson, vice president of project management at Samsara. Stevenson breaks down why Samsara can be incredibly useful to operations managers when it comes to GPS monitoring and tracking. 

Next the guys welcome Trimble Vice President of Data Science Chris Orban to discuss the ideas of connected supply chains, especially in the context of COVID-19. He also touches on the importance of building relationships with drivers and serving them well from pay to training. 

Scott Pecoriello, founder and CEO of Weather Optics, makes a second WTT?!? appearance and brings the same message: Traditional weather forecasts are not specialized enough to serve the logistics industry. Pecoriello outlines the estimated 32 billion drive time hours lost to weather delays each year and talks about using integrated analysis of landscapes and topography to accurately predict delays. 

Last up is Jake Fields, co-founder and CTO of Platform Science. Fields spoke during FreightWaves’ Global Supply Chain Week and on this episode of WTT?!? he goes in depth about the cloud-based computing network of Platform Science. Fields talks about the consumer tech crossover and explains how the world of transportation is changing based on the integration of outside technology. 

For technology demos of Samsara, Trimble and Platform Science, click here

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