E-Book: COVID and the Case for Digital Standards

Container shipping has a paper problem, and it’s never been more obvious than in 2020.

COVID-19 has put unprecedented strain on the world’s supply chains. The pandemic has exposed the shipping industry’s continuing dependence on printed documentation. Cargo has been stuck in ports waiting for physical paperwork to be delivered by flights that have been delayed.

It is clear that the need to replace antiquated shipping processes with efficient, digital processes is more urgent than ever. But without a common approach to technology, container shipping provides an inferior digital experience. This means that a standardized, scalable approach is the only way to future-proof such a fragmented, complex and global industry.

In this e-book, the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) looks at what it will take to replace antiquated shipping processes across this highly fragmented, complex and global industry – from electronic Bills of Lading (eBL) to IoT container tracking and much more.

Drawing on the experience of industries such as banking and air transport, it reveals the potential real-world benefits for all parts of the industry if standardized efficient, digital processes are widely adopted. These include increased transparency, collaboration, efficiency and reliability, as well as the potential to make billions of dollars of cost savings every year.

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