‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star to deliver trucking-inspired country album

John Schneider, the actor and musician known for his role as Bo Duke on the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard,” will release a trucking-inspired country album, “Truck On,” on April 2.

Schnieder has already released tracks from the album called “Born at a Truck Stop,” a cover of a song by Jacob Lyda, and “Truck On,” co-written with country singer Keith Burns.  

The album will focus on life on the road and the challenges of the past year. Schneider was inspired by the resilience of the trucking industry as over-the-road drivers continued to deliver goods during COVID-19 shutdowns.

“During the pandemic, while my wife, Alicia, and I were traveling the country, we noticed more trucks on the road and at truck stops and at fuel pumps than ever before. It became obvious that our country runs on the shoulders of our truck drivers. We wanted to pay tribute to this truly unsung hero in our world,” Schneider said in an interview with Parade magazine.

Schneider has decided to give a portion of the album sales to the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps over-the-road drivers and their families when they have experienced an illness or an injury that keeps them off the road.  St. Christopher helps cover expenses including rent or mortgage, utilities, vehicle payments and insurance.  

“Truck drivers put thousands if not hundreds of thousands of miles on their trucks every year,” said Schneider. “Each one of those miles represents time away from their family. It’s important to us to be involved with St. Christopher Truckers Fund because this is an organization that helps truckers provide for their families while they are away. It’s also a way for us to help those who have been helping us throughout these hard times.”

You can watch his music video for “Truck On” here.

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