Drilling Deep: The last mostly ‘normal’ quarter in trucking is in the books

The numbers are in – earnings for the quarter have been reported by all the trucking and other freight-related companies for the three months that ended March 31. And what a quarter it was, finishing up in the middle of a radically changed scenario that nobody could have ever modeled for. 

On this week’s Drilling Deep podcast, host John Kingston talks with Todd Fowler, the transportation equity analyst at KeyBank. Todd sat in on all the main earnings calls for the quarter – and followed up with the management of many of them after the calls – so he has a great deal of perspective on how companies fared and where they’re going for the rest of the year.

John will also talk about diesel prices, noting how oil prices are climbing in international markets but diesel at the pump isn’t. It’s a nice situation that many people didn’t think could happen…but it is.