Drilling Deep: Diesel technology pushes back against the idea that it’s status quo

To watch the stock of Nikola Motors, the company that has raised millions to produce a hydrogen-produced truck, you’d think that the day of the diesel engine was going to end soon. 

But that isn’t the case. Allen Schaeffer, the executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, joins host John Kingston on the Drilling Deep podcast to talk about the work his group is doing to produce engines that are cleaner and that stay a step ahead of other technologies, powered by a significant wave of funding.

Kingston will also talk about the other aspect of the collapse in oil prices: the drop in production and how it’s impacting that part of the trucking world that needs the U.S. to keep drilling to keep their workers employed and their vehicles on the road. And while the price of oil may be rising, a key report sees production continuing to drop well into next year.