Download: Quarterly Shipper Rate Report

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The FreightWaves Quarterly Shipper Rate Update is a new report crafted with contributions from US Bank and Recon Logistics. This is the first installment of a quarterly publication using freight payment data from US Bank in conjunction with FreightWaves SONAR datasets to create the most in-depth rate and demand outlook for shippers. The insights within this paper are curated by the market experts at FreightWaves and backed by the proprietary data and analytics housed in FreightWaves’ SONAR platform.

The paper reveals that with the freight market evolving at an ever-increasing rate, those who remain ahead of the curve will be best positioned to take advantage of market dynamics. Featured insights include:

  • First-quarter and 2020 forecasts for shipments and capacity
  • Cost and pricing analyses
  • Impact of regulatory changes 
  • Shipper survey results for freight rates and volumes

We hope you find this forecast insightful and actionable as you plan for the future. Complete the form below to download your complimentary copy.