CSMS# 17-000740 – ACE Entry Summary Business Process document v8.0b update from CBP

CBP has posted an Updated version of the ACE Entry Summary Business Process Trade Document [version 8.0b], it may be found at:

November ACE Entry Summary Business Process


Changes Summary

(Entry Summary Record Creation)

Section 2

Added content about Single Pay to sub section 2.2 of the “Entry Summary Record Creation” section.


(Warehouse Entries and Withdrawals)

Section 17

Added new a sub-section, 17.3 Other Warehouse Withdrawals, to the Warehouse Entries and Withdrawals section and made considerable updates to all the section’s previous sub-sections.


(ACE Reports)

Section 19

Added language to the ACE Reports section regarding the updated ACE Reports Entry Summary Data Universe, which was released on October 7th, 2017, and added numerous report related                                                                sub-sections.

(Foreign Trade Zones)

Section 22

Added a section that provides information on Foreign Trade Zone entry summary processing in ACE