Continual technological advancements land innovator in FreightTech 25 paved the way with load boards. pioneered digital innovation in logistics with the first online platform for load boards. 

Scott Moscrip founded to transform the freight industry from bulletin boards and road signs with his innovative online solution introduced in 1995. Today, has more than 450 employees and seven locations across the U.S. and Canada. has continued to up its game over the years and launched its Book It Now mobile app on Nov. 18 to provide maximum visibility. Through Book It Now, third-party logistics (3PLs) businesses of all sizes are able to have instant load board functionality, including market rates and benchmarking. 

Book It Now provides instant load status and allows customers to customize their boards according to their own needs. Freight brokers can edit terms and conditions for each customer. Users also are able to customize notifications, allowing brokers to choose how they want to receive important messages, whether it be by text or email or within the app. has experienced tremendous growth over the past six years, according to Stephen Bindbeutel, the company’s director of portfolio strategy. “We’ve paid close attention to how technology is evolving within the industry as the focus has shifted more towards advances in efficiency through technological and digital platforms.” 

What sets apart from others, according to Bindbeutel, is that the focus is heavily on the entire lifecycle of a load, rather than just one stage.

“We take a macro approach,” Bindbeutel said. “Instead of focusing on a specific area of a transaction or moving party, we focus on the user to improve our platforms and allow more specific assistance according to the needs of our customers. We look at the problems they face and we seek to add value to their business for the entire lifecycle of the load.”

From watching the patterns within the industry, learning from others’ successes as well as shortcomings — and gaining feedback from both brokers and carriers — developed the Book It Now app. “It really just came from listening,” Bindbeutel said.  

“What we do is work alongside people,” he continued. “We seek to place the control and ownership in the hands of the people who deserve it and provide a platform to increase the value and success of our customers.”

Since the release of Book It Now, customers have given positive feedback on their experiences with the app. According to Bindbeutel, customers have especially enjoyed the ability to customize their loads. said it proudly remains the largest neutral freight-matching marketplace in North America and continual advancements over the years have secured its place in the FreightTech 25.