Building Scalable Logistics Networks: Advantages of Gemini Shippers Members Portal

Gemini Shippers Members Portal

The global logistics industry has a market size that is estimated to be about 11 trillion dollars, and it will only continue growing in the coming years. Although the global logistics industry is larger than ever, this growth also increases complications in its operations. Often, these complications will come in the form of inefficiencies, high shipping costs, and sometimes unnecessary delays in operations due to uncontrollable circumstances. Fortunately, Gemini Shippers offers a platform where members can make the entire shipping experience more friendly, cheaper, and tailored to their operation.

The Gemini Shippers Association is a network of shippers who come together under one umbrella to pool their resources and give each individual member better leverage when executing logistics or shipping operations. Gemini Shippers is a non-profit that has been operating for over a century, serving thousands of shipping businesses. 

With Gemini Shippers, you can access perks such as competitive pricing and strategic partnerships with numerous logistics solution providers worldwide. As a shipper, you can leverage these perks to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your shipping operations. The Gemini Shippers Members Portal is a comprehensive IT and interactive platform that provides members with various value-added features to streamline their operations.

Benefits of the Gemini Shippers Members Portal

Although shipping associations are quite effective in giving members an edge in the market, it can sometimes be challenging for them to access these perks. At Gemini Shippers, we are changing that with a member portal that gives shippers quick access to all the information they need. The Gemini Shippers Members Portal is a robust and well-integrated platform created with the Gemini members in mind and is tailored to their needs. 

Here are some perks that make the Gemini Shippers Members Portal unique and a must-join for shippers/carriers everywhere.

1. Comprehensive IT Infrastructure

Technology is the lifeblood of modern supply chain management. This is naturally felt across different areas of supply chain operations, including logistics, warehouse, production, and so on. We have leveraged the best technology infrastructure and tools for the Gemini Shippers Members Portal to ensure all our members can interact with the platform seamlessly from anywhere in the world and use it to enhance their operations.

With our portal, you have:

  • Protected website: This ensures all your data, including passwords and shipment details, are well protected. With Gemini Shippers, you are assured that all shipping data and resources are protected and will be seen only by you and the partners you share it with.
  • Aggregate 301, 315, and 310 data: Seamlessly exchange information, documentation, and other resources with other shippers on the Gemini network. Pulling resources together quickly guarantees an effective operation for everyone.
  • Contract rate search: You can access all our current and historical rates across multiple carriers. You also have access to the contract terms and any changes. With these, you can make better and more informed decisions on your partnership and membership at the Gemini Shippers.
  • Notification center: You can sign up to receive notifications of processes and operations, as well as shipment tracking milestones. The portal retains these messages to ensure you have them for future reference.
  • Interactive dashboard: Get quick recaps of all shipping information directly on the portal’s dashboard. More than that, you can also make quick searches and reports seamlessly.

We constantly update our Gemini Shippers Members Portal with more programs, solutions, and the latest infrastructural pieces to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible.

2. Gemini Management Dashboard

Very few things in the logistics world will equal having quick access to accurate information. This is what the dashboard at Gemini’s portal offers. The interactive dashboard serves as a control station, providing access to all parts of the portal and any shipping information you may desire. 

Here are some information or tools you can access from the management dashboard:

  • Shipment statistics: What does your shipment data with the Gemini Shippers Association look like? We have made it all available for you at first glance. It is up-to-date and tells you everything you need to know, including shipment counts, average transit times, monthly year-on-year trends, and other details. Alongside this data are graphs and charts that help illustrate them more clearly.
  • Carrier statistics: These are relevant and up-to-date statistics on the carriers you partner with and historical run rates. With these, you have detailed information on their performance, delivery records, and downtimes.
  • Expense statistics: We promise lower and more stable prices, but if you have questions or aren’t quite sure about your expenditures on the Gemini platform, you can quickly review them through the expense statistics reports. Here, you will have detailed information on all expenses, including dates, services, and prices.

3. In-Depth Shipment Visibility

Shipment tracking capabilities and visibility is key to any logistics operation. You may be successfully running your shipping process, but it has all been for nothing if the shipment doesn’t make it on time, in the right quantity, and in the right form to the customer. The Gemini Shippers Members Portal has resources to ensure you can track shipments effectively and accurately. We do this by integrating with each stakeholder in the transportation network, augmenting our proven EDI tracking with:

  • EDI integration: This will enhance access to real-time information for your operation, ensuring you control the entire operation from origin to destination.
  • Accurate shipment mapping: We use AIS data to provide your shipment’s precise location and the estimated time of arrival. With our AIS integration, you will have a clear view of your shipment’s path from source to destination. You can see your shipment’s position on the water or on the rail at your fingertips.
  • Actionable intelligence: If a situation needs addressing, you will be promptly informed with all the necessary details to ensure you can make data-backed decisions and carry them out effectively.

The goal is to ensure a great, transparent shipping experience and seamless last-mile operations.

4. Gemini Rate Audit

One of our core differentiators here at Gemini Shippers is providing competitive rates. We provide our members with a variety of ocean carrier contracts at rates in line with the largest importers by aggregating volumes.  Along with the competitive rates, members also enjoy rate audits for every shipment through the member portal.

Our portal provides members with rate visibility for each shipment giving clear indication if the rate parameters are aligned with our simplified contract terms, audited for accuracy, and disputed/resolved with the carrier. This lets our members focus on other aspects of their supply chain and offers the assurance that the rate they are expecting to pay becomes the reality without having to get involved. 

Getting Started on Gemini Shippers is Easy

Shipping and logistics operations are hard enough. From our point of view, partnering with the right people shouldn’t be so challenging. We have designed the onboarding process for new members to be easy and welcoming. Here are the steps to getting started:

Step 1 – Complete the onboarding form: Initial company information is input to start the application process.

Step 2 – Double verification application: This ensures contact information is validated and accurate.  Remaining information regarding lanes, volumes, and direct ocean carrier information are completed for submission.

Step 3 – Gemini data analysis and carrier solution: Here, we review your information and find suitable carriers with stable and great rates in our database that will match and improve the effectiveness of your operation.

Step 4 – Member onboarding process: This is where you officially become a part of the Gemini Shippers Association and start enjoying all its perks, including competitive and stable pricing, access to key and detailed resources on shipping routes, and finally, access to the membership portal.

Step 5 – Start booking! You are now a part of the Gemini Shippers family. You should let your trading partners and agents know, especially the third-party logistics provider of choice.  Gemini Shippers is forwarder neutral, so there’s no pressure to utilize a particular agent or forwarder.  This will help facilitate your operations and start shipping your cargo under the preferred Gemini Shippers rates and terms.

The Current Landscape and Why Shippers Need to Join the Gemini Shippers Association

Significant volatility is expected within the maritime ecosystem between 2023 and 2025. This is due to several reasons: inflation, normalizing consumer spending, and elevated or surplus inventory. The current Middle Eastern crisis and drought-prone Panama Canal are not making shipping operations any easier with respect to security. A good example is the current crisis on the Red Sea. Although the U.S. ports are returning to pre-pandemic levels, the same is not the case for other ports worldwide. 

What does it all mean for shippers? Shippers can expect high and unstable prices, unsafe shipping operations, and more delays that could lead to downtimes across the supply chain. 

However, with Gemini Shippers, the opposite is true. Our shippers have access to more stable prices and access to real-time information, which makes their shipping operation much more scalable, secure, and effective. There is no better time. Join now for a more effective shipping experience.