Breaking: US truck transportation jobs up by 2,000 in July

The number of truck transportation jobs in the U.S. rose by 2,000 in July, according to the monthly employment report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, released Friday morning, August 7.

Employment in the sector stood at 1,438,600 in July, up from 1,436,600, according to the report.

That number is down from 1,553,600 a year ago, for a net decline of 115,000 jobs.

Employment in the rail sector fell 3,200 jobs in the month to 141,500 jobs. A year ago, there were 175,200 railroad jobs.

In the warehousing and storage sector, employment declined by 5,700 jobs to 355,900 jobs. A year ago, it was 342,000 jobs, so there has been an overall gain in the past 12 months.

The national unemployment rate dropped to 10.2% from 11.1% as the country added had added 1.76 million jobs in June, above analyst forecasts. A poll of economists from MarketWatch predicted 1.68 million jobs.

We will be updating this information as it unfolds over the course of the day.

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