Breaking News: Union Pacific train derails on bridge, causes partial bridge collapse

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A freight train derailed this morning (July 29) while crossing a bridge in Tempe, Arizona, resulting in a partial collapse of the bridge and railcars falling off the bridge, according to Union Pacific (NYSE: UNP) and various media reports.

Tempe police said multiple agencies were battling a “second alarm” fire on the bridge as a result of the derailment, which occurred around 6:15 a.m. PDT on July 29. Union Pacific (UP) said eight to 10 railcars caught fire.

The south side of the bridge, which crosses Tempe Town Lake, also collapsed, and railcars fell into an empty park below, UP said.  

The train crew is uninjured, although one person was treated for smoke inhalation, according to UP. Three tank cars were on the ground under the bridge; two tank cars contained cyclohexanone and one tank car contained a rubber material, UP said. No tank cars were reported as leaking, and none were involved in the fire, the railroad said.

UP also said the cause of the derailment is under investigation.

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