Breaking News: Trucking jobs rise by 10,000 in August

Breaking News

Truck transportation jobs rose by a solid 10,000 in August on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to data released Friday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The data also showed a slight adjustment upward in the number of truck transportation jobs in July.

The BLS reported seasonally adjusted truck transportation jobs in August totaled 1,449,500. That was up an even 10,000 from the July number of 1,439,500.

The July figure — which remains preliminary — was adjusted up by 900 jobs from what was released last month. The first number for July was reported as 1,438,600 jobs.

The number of not-seasonally adjusted jobs in the truck transportation sector rose to 1,466,800 from 1,458,000. However, most economists look at seasonally adjusted figures as a better barometer of labor market trends.

Seasonally adjusted rail jobs actually ticked upward, a reversal from their fairly relentless decline that goes back before the pandemic. They were reported at 145,400 jobs, up 100 jobs.

Seasonally adjusted truck transportation jobs are now up roughly 17,000 from May.  

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