Bankrupt Celadon’s Mexican carrier Jaguar Transportation reportedly halts services

Mexican carrier Jaguar Transportation stopped its trucking services this morning (Dec. 10) and could be shutting down as part of Celadon’s Chapter 11 filing Dec. 9.

Several freight and logistics professionals confirmed to FreightWaves that cross-border account representatives for Jaguar Transportation said they had ceased services. At one of the company’s locations, the news prompted drivers who feared they would not be paid to block access to scores of trucks and trailers.

Jesus Alvarez, head of carrier sales for digital freight marketplace Fr8Hub, has been in contact with Jaguar Transportation officials the past few days.

At first, Jaguar officials indicated to him that the Mexican carrier would keep operating. But Alvarez said Jaguar employees are now learning the company is closing.

“It went from being a normal day to cutting positions, telling drivers to bring the equipment back — end services,” Alvarez said.

Jaguar Transportation has not made an official announcement about closing. Company officials emailed FreightWaves on Dec. 9, stating, “Jaguar will operate in the same way it has been working. The situation that Celadon is going through does not compromise this company at all.”

Jaguar has 10 terminals across Mexico, with its largest facility in Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas.

Celadon declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Dec. 9, making it the largest full truckload carrier to close in history.

According to Mexican news outlet El Mañana, drivers for Jaguar Transportation in Nuevo Laredo blocked the entrance to the company to keep 150 trucks and 150 trailers, out of fear of not receiving payment.

“Jaguar Transport employees fear that the company will close its operations in Nuevo Laredo and leave them without liquidation and without their savings fund — they decided to secure equipment to guarantee a liquidation,” according to the report in El Mañana.

Jaguar drivers have also said they have not received official notification from the company. They learned of the closing through truck driver union representatives, according to El Mañana.

Jaguar Transportation was founded in 1975 and had as many as 450 trucks and 600 employees at one time. According to reports, the company currently has around 200 trucks and drivers. Celadon Group acquired it in 1992.