Balancing activity and ratios — Put That Coffee Down

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Being successful in sales takes careful balance and Kevin Hill provides weekly tips on maintaining that balance on Put That Coffee Down. On this episode, Hill talks with co-host Catherine Liske, director of sales and training at Priority1, about learning balance from the start with sales training. 

Liske and Hill break down why sourcing leads from credible places is crucial and bring on Greg Johnson, COO of show sponsor ‘zembles to talk about how ‘zembles is a key player in lead generation success. 

Liske trains freight brokers at Priority1 and platforms like ‘zembles are one of the tools brokers can use to narrow sales prospects and get closer to sinking the sale. 

Using tech can help brokers balance their time better and lead to better performance ratios and less wasted time. Less time wasted means more money made, which makes the broker and the boss happy at the end of the day. 
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