Automating intermodal — WTT

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking to EagleRail Container Logistics CEO and Chairman Mike Wychocki about how automated overhead systems can clean up intermodal and container congestion at the ports.

CarrierHQ CEO Scott Prince joins us to talk about what fleets can do about AB5.

TenFourDC’s Todd Campbell tells us why truckers are gathering in Washington this fall.

And we have a double dose of #PlayItForward as CRST trucker Damon Hatcherson belts out R&B and country music artist Jeremiah Craig debuts his new album, “Life is for Taking Chances.”

Plus, Kansas City Southern declares CN proposal as “superior”; Port of LA lengthens “unprecedented run”; Bluewire seeks to empower carriers to fend off nuclear verdicts; gas hoarder’s car explodes in flames; Pokemon cards spark violence at Target, and more.

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