Anarchy in the SC

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to Daniel “Mr. Supply Chain” Stanton about anarchy in the supply chain. Amazon goes brick and mortar, 40 ships are at anchor in San Pedro Bay, Tesla is making robots, and inland and ocean rates are at record highs. When will order be restored?

Jennifer Grenz, CRO, Ossia is sending power to devices wirelessly. We’ll learn how it works and how IoT will drive logistics now and in the future. 

Steve Shebuski, VP of digital strategy at Blue Horseshoe, talks about the need for, and benefits of, risk mitigation, including areas where companies can assess: current manufacturing partnerships and inventory levels. 

Insurance is always one of the highest fixed costs for motor carriers, especially for small fleets. What’s going on in the insurance market and how is it changing? We ask Mark Epperson, chief client officer, AonTransportation Programs.

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