Amazon’s power moves, Boeing’s struggles, freight economics, and other big deals — WTT?!? [with video]

To launch out of the gate on today’s episode, we tackle tough-minded Amazon and how they recently decided not to allow 3rd party sellers to use FedEx Ground and FedEx Home due to their shipping performance. A shipping performance below 98% on-time delivery won’t cut the mustard. Then, we take a quick look at where Boeing’s vulnerable supply chain fits into the equation with its 380 grounded MAX 737s. Plus, Navistar takes in a recall for recent trucks that move “unintentionally,” and the largest cash seizure in Cleveland County history was found in a pork barrel. It was like they were bacon for trouble.

Then, we host a tribute for American Shipper founder, David A. Howard, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 99. Former Managing Editor, Joe Bonny, gives us some insights.

For our Strickland Business segment, Zach tells us how the Celadon shutdown wasn’t just about accounting fraud, but was also the product of two recent freight recessions. Then, it’s all fun and games for Market Expert Trivia with Final Mile expert, David Faulkenberry, as he takes on Dooner with five multiple choice questions on e-commerce. Who will emerge victorious this week? It wouldn’t be a top-of-the-week headhaul show on WTT?!? if we didn’t have Big Deal, Emily Szink, join us for Big Deal Little Deal (what’s the deal with you?).

As always, thanks for tuning in to the WTT?!? community, and for helping make our show one of the most popular podcasts in everything supply chain.

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