A wild week for freight as America enters self quarantine (with video)

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about what went down during week 1 of self quarantine in much of the USA. They cover layoffs hitting freight, XPO takes break up off the table, and airlines getting grounded. 

Joining us is Brady Maller from Polywood to discuss their latest product on Kickstarter as well as going to market during a crisis.

Kevin Hill covers the massive spike in freight rates and pricing power that occurred this week. 

Dooner’s parents are driving up the eastern seaboard from Florida to Boston and will give their report from the road. 

WorkHound’s CEO, Max Farrell has the results of their latest trucker survey concerning the coronavirus.

Plus, Good News Bad News covering the HOS waiver, Trump’s paid leave bill, hoarders, counterfeit cleaning supplies, rest stops, and more. 

Finally, we hear from our listeners in Comment Section Rodeo.

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