FASA, Fashion Accessories Shippers Association (formerly the National Fashion Accessories Association and the National Handbag Association) has been working with industry leaders to establish New York market dates for the accessory industry for more than 30 years.

In collaboration with industry stakeholders, buyers, manufactures and wholesale firms we have undertaken two industry meeting and an industry survey answered by over 200 firms.

Based on consensus feedback from all participants it was determined that four market weeks, plus a cold weather market were appropriate for 2019.  We are pleased to announce the Accessories Market Dates and trade show dates for 2019

February   4-8     Accessories Fall Market Week
May            6-10    Accessories Holiday Market Week
August         5-9    Accessories Spring Market Week
November 4-8    Accessories Summer Market Week

Additionally, for the cold weather segment, there will be a market week as follows:

January   7-11    Cold Weather Market Week

Trade shows

Jan 6-8 – NYC  Javits/Hudson Yards
Accessories Circuit
Accessories the Show

February 25-27 – Javits/ Hudson Yards

June 9-11- NYC- [pre]Collection Market Javits/Hudson Yard
Accessories Circuit
Accessories the Show

As in past years, FASA and key members of the industry came together to determine the most efficient market dates for the upcoming year. We are proud to be able to support this initiative and which all of our members and industry partners another successful year or product design and sales.

If you would like to contact us, please e-mail info@fasa.nyc.

Best Regards
Sara Mayes
FASA / Gemini Shipper Group