Gemini Shippers Group Supports Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)

Gemini Shippers Group joined nearly thirty other associations in a series of joint letters to U.S. trading partners urging them to quickly ratify and implement the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). Letters were sent to free trade agreement (FTA) partners (see sample) and non-FTA (see sample here).  The TFA – a groundbreaking agreement to cut red tape and bottlenecks at the borders – is expected to increase global merchandise exports by $1 trillion annually, creating more than 20 million jobs. The agreement can only enter into effect once 109 World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries have ratified it.  Currently, only 90 countries have completed their domestic ratification requirements, although many more have initiated the process. It is our hope that the letter will signal strong support from the U.S. business community for countries, especially FTA partners, to pick up the pace.